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Why is Transit Enterprise Asset Management Important?

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Charlie Greyhound
Charlie Greyhound

What is EAM?

Enterprise Asset Management is software, systems, and services combined to manage physical equipment and assets. Transit EAM tools work by maintaining control of assets and increasing their lifespan by optimizing fleet and facility operations. By doing this, costs will go down and safety will be maintained.

Sitehound has modules to make EAM tracking easier than ever. In addition, Sitehound's Transit Asset Management (TAM) tools provide comprehensive management of fleet, equipment, and facility asset management.

Why is it important?

With vehicles physically rolling in and out of facilities, it can be hectic in maintenance shops. TAM software allows for agencies to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve productivity
  • Allows for high level reporting
  • Manage data integrity accurately
  • Break down data silos within the organization

Each agency has unique constraints and needs. Some agencies need to focus more on the facilities while others need fleet and many need both. It is important to choose software that fits your specific needs when planning to right-size your fleet and your facilities.

What should your transit EAM tool have?

  • The ability to pull high-level reports so that agencies can better plan for their maintenance budgets. Within that, it makes sense for agencies to be able to break down their reports by different reporting groups, including zones, zip codes, etc.
  • The ability to restrict security rights by position to maintain data integrity of your agency
  • The ability to work with fueling stations built into the facility to keep track of your fluids
  • The ability to keep track of your inventory on a daily basis, know what needs to be ordered and when
  • The ability to create purchase orders to vendors and to be able to receive those purchase orders
  • Tire Management - the ability to keep track of tire movements and tire inventory
  • The ability to create not only Work Orders but Work Request in case someone sees an item that needs to be worked on but maybe not right away
  • The ability to have a preventive maintenance program
  • The ability to keep track of labor cost and vendor cost
  • The ability to see equipment history
  • The ability to support audits

What does Sitehound have?

  • Facilities Condition Assessment Tools
  • Facilities Capital Planning Tools
  • Fleet and Equipment Replacement Planning Tools
  • Fleet and Equipment State of Good Repair Planning tools
  • Bus Stop Management Tools
  • Multiple reports to support TAM planning and reporting needs.

Using Sitehound's transit EAM module, you will have the ability to monitor and maintain your fleet in readily available templates, made specifically for transit agencies.

Find out more information today by clicking here.

Charlie Greyhound
Charlie Greyhound
Charlie, a Dynamic Brand Ambassador for Sitehound Asset & Inventory Management Software, specializing in driving brand awareness and user engagement. Expert in demonstrating software benefits, training users, and leveraging social media platforms to highlight product features and successes. Passionate about optimizing asset management and inventory processes for diverse industries.

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