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01. How We Help

In veterinary practices, managing inventory efficiently is crucial—not only to provide the best care but also to maintain a healthy bottom line. One of the most common and costly issues faced by clinics today is the wastage of expired drugs. Without effective inventory management, it's easy to lose track of expiration dates, leading to unnecessary waste and significant financial losses each year.


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02. Services

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Is inventory management at your clinic consuming too much of your time? Streamline the process with Sitehound, the premier software for asset tracking and inventory management. Optimize resource use, minimize waste, and save time through real-time tracking and user-friendly features. Improve your practice's efficiency and dedicate more time to what truly matters—tending to your furry patients.

Cost Control

Sitehound is an innovative solution that empowers businesses involved in the veterinary sector, including those that deal in veterinary products or small, medium and large clinics, to efficiently monitor their inventory levels in real-time. Our advanced system facilitates the setting of precise reorder points, which is crucial in ensuring that essential supplies are always available when needed, thereby maintaining the smooth operation of veterinary services. Additionally, by enabling more accurate inventory management, Sitehound significantly improves cost control. We achieve this by minimizing waste through the avoidance of excess purchases and reducing the risks associated with overstocking or understocking. This not only ensures that resources are used more efficiently but also helps veterinary businesses in optimizing their operational efficiency and improving their service quality to both their human clients and animal patients.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Sitehound, with its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, can dramatically improve inventory control in veterinary hospitals. We achieve this by offering deeper insights into asset utilization, cost management, and operational efficiency. Here are the ways veterinary hospitals can utilize these features to refine inventory management: Forecasting demand, optimizing usage, analyzing and reducing costs, gaining insights on inventory turnover, ensuring regulatory compliance through accurate reporting, evaluating supplier performance, preventing theft and loss, utilizing enhanced reporting dashboards, and integrating performance metrics.

System Integrations

Achieve unparalleled network visibility and control by seamlessly integrating your suppliers with your veterinary hospital's Practice Information Management System (PIMS). This objective is attainable without the need for technological uniformity. Sitehound offers compatibility with a diverse range of PIMS systems, facilitating flawless communication and data exchange between suppliers and veterinary hospitals. This streamlined approach significantly boosts efficiency, minimizes errors, and enhances inventory management. Moreover, Sitehound's versatility extends to integration with various third-party systems, including QuickBooks and your hospital's ERP system, further optimizing operations.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory bodies like the FDA monitor medication and medical supply use in veterinary settings. Sitehound helps businesses comply with these regulations by keeping detailed records of inventory transactions, including purchases, distribution, expiration dates, and other important data.

Multi-Location Operations

Sitehound is a versatile cloud-based software designed for flexible deployment – whether in our cloud, your own, or securely behind your firewall. We offer comprehensive training and interactive in-app guides, ensuring a seamless experience. Additionally, Sitehound serves as a centralized hub for all your data, seamlessly integrating information from multiple locations.

Configurable - 'Right Size' for your business needs

Sitehound streamlines inventory management for veterinary clinics, manufacturers, and distributors, enhancing efficiency through automation. It simplifies tracking inventory levels, monitors usage, and reduces the time and errors associated with manual processes. Sitehound facilitates seamless procurement by forecasting needs, generating purchase orders, managing shipments, and monitoring expenses, ensuring an optimized supply chain.

Barcodes, QR Codes, & RFID

Barcodes, QR codes, and RFID technology empower businesses to minimize errors, enhance inventory management, boost productivity, and reduce expenses. Achieving these benefits involves adopting a comprehensive barcoding system, which integrates barcode scanning hardware and sophisticated software. Sitehound not only facilitates the printing of barcode labels but also decodes the information they contain, applying it effectively to track inventory and support various business operations.

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers significantly enhance inventory management for veterinary hospitals, particularly in monitoring high-value assets, mobile resources, and equipment used both inside and outside the premises. These systems employ technologies like RFID, WiFi, and Bluetooth to provide real-time updates on the location and status of items, thereby bolstering security and minimizing losses. Sitehound's integration with GPS trackers offers a comprehensive solution for managing inventory effectively. It enables precise tracking of all your equipment and supplies within your mobile veterinary units and the vehicles themselves, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind.


Geofencing is a potent technology that, when integrated into inventory management systems such as Sitehound, significantly improves control and efficiency within veterinary hospitals. Utilizing GPS or RFID, it establishes a virtual perimeter around a designated geographic area. In the context of inventory management, geofencing brings numerous advantages, notably in asset tracking, security, and enhancing operational efficiency.

03. Our Process

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Configure Sitehound

Sitehound offers an interface with unlimited fields and configurations, allowing you to tailor its intuitive design to meet your specific requirements. Effortlessly integrate with legacy systems and seamlessly import data from current spreadsheets or databases.

Grant Access Permissions

User templates allow you to tailor role-based activities, ensuring your team engages with Sitehound in a manner that aligns with their specific responsibilities. This approach safeguards sensitive information, enhances accountability, and boosts efficiency.

Track Supplies and Equipment

Whether you're using our web platform or mobile application, you and your team have the convenience of accessing supply and equipment details on-demand, at any time and from any location. This accessibility is available through the smartphones, tablets, and computers that are already part of your daily operations, ensuring that you have all the necessary information right at your fingertips, no matter where you are or what device you're using.

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04. Best Practices

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