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Track your fleet in real-time with Sitehound Fleet Tracking Software. Route, monitor and plan trips with Sitehound GIS

What is Fleet Tracking Software?

Fleet tracking is a system that tracks the movement of all of your vehicles and employees. It could also be called vehicle tracking or automatic vehicle location.

Sitehound GIS Fleet Tracking


How can your business benefit from Fleet Tracking?

Tracking mileage of vehicles and drivers can be difficult and expensive for fleet managers. With Sitehound GIS, you can track drivers and turn by turn navigation in your area to ensure compliance with region driving regulations before the start of a trip. Track drivers and turn-by-turn navigation without the need for paper or phone calls.

Why us?

Our Sitehound GIS tracking provides you with up-to-date information about your fleet. Fleet tracking made easy.

Sitehound is the perfect product for business owners looking to stay on top of their fleet. With real-time updates on vehicle location, as well as weather and traffic conditions in your area, Sitehound helps you make better decisions about where to send your vehicles to ensure smooth delivery.

Vibratory Compactor during road and highway construction.

Sitehound GIS & Fleet Tracking

Sitehound helps you keep your workplace operating more efficiently. Whether you handle maintenance in-house or outsource service, with Sitehound you get automatic notifications of unexpected issues, and full automation of routines like PMs and inspections.

Work as a team - Fleet Tracking

Manage from anywhere

Remote access to fleet data from anywhere to keep your operations running smoothly and your drivers safe.

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Work as a team

You won’t need a monitoring team to keep up with company-wide fleet activity. Fleet operations are all on one platform, giving you and your teammates the flexibility to collaborate without any hassles.

Sitehound GIS - Create layers

Automate Processes

No two businesses are the same, which makes it challenging to create a maintenance process that will work for everyone. Sitehound’s Trigger system could help make sure you don’t miss any important steps through automated actions.

All Your Data in One Solution

Store your license and registration renewal, as well as vehicle warranty information. Save detailed records of your vehicle loan or lease data. You can even save important documents and notes on the app.

Complete action history

Seamless logging of all equipment work to provide visibility into what your customers are requesting and the prevention and safety strategies put in place.

Vehicle Full Lifecycle Management

Sitehound GIS Location Map

Manage Assets from Acquisition to Disposal

Tackle asset planning and optimization

If a company wants to succeed, they should invest in prescriptive analytics. Prescriptive analysis uses computers that learn from the data of other assets and predict the best way for an asset to be used.


Create a virtual barrier that will trigger a response on mobile devices and vehicles whenever they enter or leave a particular area.

Location tracking, instant mapping of large areas and targeted details are all made possible with our system.

  • Help reduce fuel consumption
  • Provide accurate ETAs
  • Monitor status of vehicle parts, diagnostics, and planned maintenance
  • Keep track of your mobile workforce and equipment
  • Geofencing - Prevent unauthorized use outside of a select area
Sitehound GIS Tracking