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Use an inventory management software to ensure your company's assets are properly managed avoiding costly mistakes.

What is inventory management software?

Inventory management is one of the pillars of supply chains. Unfortunately, handling this process manually can eat up productive hours and put a damper on efficiency. That’s why it’s alarming that so many businesses are still not utilizing inventory management systems for operations.

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The importance of inventory management!

The problems facing inventory management and global supply chain by businesses of all scales and sizes are extensive. If you are one of the companies that are still using excel sheets to manage inventory or ones which are not managing it at all, it’s time to change that.

Business leaders are faced with key problems to solve, including inconsistent tracking, incomplete data, changing demand, supply chain complexity, and insufficient order management.

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See How Sitehound Helps with Inventory Management Pain Points

Warehouse manager using Sitehound


When you need to keep track of inventory, Sitehound has a range of options to make it easier.

With Sitehound, your company can request and fulfill orders based on available and excess inventory, before purchasing. Sitehound also reserves/holds inventory for projects to ensure availability when needed and prevent accidental shipment.


Ensure there is always a spare available.

Planning ahead is essential when emergencies happen. Setting minimum and maximum thresholds will ensure you're never caught off guard because all your spares are accounted for! Your software can send emails, texts, or generate scheduled reports to keep track of what spares you need more than others - keeping your business safe.

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FIFO, LIFO, proximity search & other methods.

First-in: first-out, or last-in: first-out - many people are confused when it comes to understanding what these accounting processes mean. In reality, they affect the way inventory moves from one location to another based on the time the goods enter and leave the warehouse. As a result, we at Sitehound have been helping companies around the world streamline their operations by optimizing inventory movements and reducing cost through advanced software solutions.


Why waste floor or shelf space for items no longer needed?

Want to save money? We do too! Let's make sure we know exactly how much we have and when it needs to go. Knowing what you have on hand and then being able to see where it is will let us know when something needs to be scrapped, consigned, or disposed of - keeping those pesky inventory records clean for the long run!​​

warehouse worker using Sitehound

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