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visibility and control of assets through their entire lifecycle with asset management software


No oversight, no control, no verification, and no case for securing new budgets. That's what happens when you're the facility, asset or maintenance manager and have absolutely zero visibility into how many pieces of equipment you actually own - let alone know if they're up to standard. Knowing about this problem before it occurs is vital for prevention; so why not take advantage of Sitehound?

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How does Asset Management Software work?

Asset management software is a centralized system that allows your organization to track important details about each asset in real-time. This decreases administrative costs, improves service, and gives your organization greater visibility into asset utilization, costs, and maintenance.

What is Asset Management Software used for?

Asset management software is designed to help your company minimize its spending on obtaining, maintaining, and operating assets. You want to run a peak performance which means you have to contain your costs, keep your production quality at an acceptable level or higher, and maximize the returns.

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Use Sitehound’s mobile forms today! Mobile transactions are sent directly to Sitehound real-time. Customize your own forms to best match your workflow or add user defined fields for data capture. Scan 1D or 2D barcodes (Data Matrix, PDF417, QRCodes). Photos, documents, videos and other attachments can be uploaded or viewed.


Sitehound helps you maintain a record of your inventory. You can log in, add new items, assign item numbers and part manufacturers, upload photos, attach files and more. Sitehound syncs with your finance or ERP system so you can keep track of all the products for your store.


Create groups, virtual containers, to efficiently move multiple items together. Stock, Transfer and Split Groups to easily move your inventory. Perform on the web or in the mobile apps.


Easily connect to anything and share data in real-time to any connected system to eliminate the swivel chair effect. Integrations made easy with our robust APIs.


Thanks to our locations and sub-locations features, you can keep track of all your inventory by organizing it into a parent/child-style hierarchy. We provide robust mapping, letting you upload your own overlays so you can see and measure all of your important data! You can even track the location of any items by adding more fields for extra information.

The Benefits of Asset Management with Sitehound

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Learn how Asset Management Software can benefit your business. Read our Asset Management and the Supply Chain article here. 


With Sitehound, you can track by serial numbers or barcode tags or track in multiple quantities. Batch lot inventory by location, status and item number. Assign an owner or condition to inventory. Stock, transfer, deplete inventory in the web or on the mobile device. See the full history of everything that happened to your inventory.


Programmatically react to your data in the most logical manner. Create triggers for stock, transfers and splits – when those actions happen or if any conditions are met (e.g., inventory quantity drops below 5), then a trigger is fired such as notify via email. If a status change occurs or something in a field changes, an action can be enabled.

Reports & Dashboards

Feed your data addiction with Sitehound. We have everything you need – Create, View, Filter and Schedule Queries for data within Sitehound. Extract to CSV Reports. Receive links or report attachments to scheduled queries via email. View query data in real-time within Sitehound. View metrics on dashboards embedded throughout the application. Add widgets to configure your own personal dashboard. Setup scopes, which are pre-defined datasets to be used throughout the application from reports to combos and selects.

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