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Sitehound by Fulcrum

Sitehound was born because we saw a need in the market. Regardless of company size, the problems of managing assets and inventory are universal. We took the latest and greatest tools and applied them to help solve these everyday problems by providing a configurable, powerful, affordable, and holistic solution.

Sitehound started out as an idea at a conference between small business owners who were having difficulties doing their day-to-day jobs as they could not afford the modern tools they needed to grow. So Sitehound was born as a full-service tracking solution for your growing business needs that’s affordable, intuitive and intelligent.

Over time, Sitehound has grown from simplifying asset tracking to a robust system to meet today’s most pressing business needs for large and small businesses to gain better financial and logistical transparency.

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Fulcrum’s mission is to lead the charge for innovation in our software solutions, expand our customer base and grow into other industries. We are always innovating – both in terms of product development and exploring new ways to improve the customer experience.

For more than 23 years, Fulcrum has been a boutique software company listening and helping businesses of all sizes solve problems.

Sitehound has learned from the many woes customers encounter when trying to keep track of their stuff. We’ve taken the right bits and pieces – and applied them where they’re needed most. Sitehound’s goal is to help companies from around the world satisfy their business needs.

We start with one simple question: what problem are you trying to solve? 

"We have taken our 23+ years of experience in creating and implementing asset management software for some of the largest, most complex companies in the world and poured that knowledge into Sitehound bringing enterprise-level functionality to any size business. Our next-gen app is powerful, scalable and easy to implement, which differentiates us greatly from other players currently in the market."

Jami Oster, CEO


Reduce your risk, control your spend, and reduce waste: Sitehound offers you a complete set of tools that will help you with these three goals. With Sitehound, you will be able to save money and improve your bottom line while reducing inefficiencies.

About Fulcrum Technologies

In 1998, Fulcrum Technologies, Inc. became the leader in the wireless industry to track their network assets. Our flagship product, CATS, was used by thousands of users across the U.S. and Canada for more than two decades. Our passion for Asset Tracking and Asset Lifecycle Management led us to create a next generation highly configurable, intuitive tracking software solution, Sitehound.

Jami Oster

Jami Oster


Jami started a financial management career before transitioning into the wireless & technology sector bringing a unique combination of software, business, and industry expertise. Infusing real-world product and customer acumen, she has been hands on with all technical areas, leading the charge to innovate software solutions and ensure a great employee culture.

Brent Bauer


Brent founded Fulcrum Technologies in 1998 and has grown the company into the communication industry’s most respected and recognized provider of asset tracking and management solutions. Brent was chosen by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of Western Washington’s top business people. He has also been featured in Washington CEO magazine and is recognized for his ability to build effective, cross-functional teams while creating an environment of cooperation and employee involvement. He founded the CATS application and implemented within some of the largest telecom companies since the beginning of the wireless era.

Subarno Ghosh

Managing Director Asia, Africa, & Middle East

Subarno brings a wealth of real-world experience in finance, supply chain, and operations in several industries including telecom, beverages, consumer goods, oral care, among others. He has implemented the asset management program at the world’s third largest wireless carrier and successfully guided several leading operators in Asia and Middle East in their ALM journey. Subarno leverages his expert knowledge to guide clients towards the best solutions for their unique needs.