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Asset Management for Renewable Energy

Sitehound offers an easy-to-use asset management solution for the renewable energy sector. Sitehound integrates seamlessly with your technology stack, giving you complete insight into your data across all assets, milestones and events.

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Collect accurate data with Sitehound

Sitehound offers powerful asset management and renewable energy tools. You can configure Sitehound to work for your needs by adding new fields, creating new forms, and updating key pieces of information about the state of your assets.


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Analysis & Reporting

With Sitehound, get real-time data and know exactly where your important resources, whatever they may be, are at all times. You'll never be unsure of what's happening with your renewable energy assets again!

Keeping Track of Enormous Amounts of Data is Becoming Increasingly Difficult. Let Sitehound help!



Sitehound's automated workflow and notifications will help your team keep track of their assets while managing them in an environmentally friendly way.


Location Monitoring

Sitehound will help you manage your assets by tracking their location. Whether the asset is already built or still in development, it's worth it to know where it's located. Location data can be reported as soon as an item is scanned at the site with barcodes, RFID tags, or similar sensors.


Predictive Maintenance

Sitehound is a web-based tool that helps businesses identify when their assets need to be serviced or replaced based on the original manufacturer's specifications.


Site Surveys

Sitehound allows you to keep track of sites not yet in the system. With Sitehound, create these sites on the fly with coordinate data, pictures and other attachments - offline or online. A site can also be created offline, which helps to manage renewables assets like solar panels and wind turbines.

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