Elevate your enterprise with our progressive inventory software, complete with a powerful document management component. This innovative tool is designed to streamline your operations and boost efficiency, fully aligning with our brand's commitment to solving problems through advanced technology.


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Supply Chain: Document Management

From Paper Trails to Digital Triumphs: Sitehound Masters Document Management

Effective document control is crucial in regulatory environments as it directly influences all quality processes. With Sitehound's robust quality document control module, you can ensure compliance with even the most stringent regulations and standards while reducing costs. Our advanced solution enables accelerated time to market, providing you with a seamless experience.

Asset Tracking
Automated Document Control

Streamline the approval, distribution, retrieval, and obsolescence of documents while effortlessly tracking revision history.

Asset Tracking
Audit Readiness

A thoughtful and strategic approach to resource management, taking into consideration the diverse range of assets at an organization's disposal.

Asset Tracking
Streamline Collaboration

A combination of proactive maintenance, monitoring, and continuous improvement to ensure that assets consistently deliver value to the organization.

Manage files from a single platform

Secure document management software for your business

Are you searching for a reliable solution to establish a comprehensive and centralized document repository for your organization? Look no further! With Sitehound, you can enhance information flow across your entire enterprise, ensuring seamless collaboration and maximizing efficiency. Say goodbye to scattered files and hello to a streamlined and efficient document management system that will revolutionize the way you store, access, and share information within your organization. Experience the power of Sitehound today!

Sitehound Document Management
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See the whole picture

Easily track the activities of your team members on a file, including editing, commenting, and sharing. Gain insights on who has accessed your shared file and the specific actions they have taken.

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Create Audit Trails

Discover the individuals responsible for actions performed on your team files within a specific timeframe. Filter by folder, activity, user, or date to generate comprehensive activity reports for any category.

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Integrate data

Sitehound document management software offers a versatile platform that efficiently organizes data across various applications and repositories throughout the entire enterprise.

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Work from anywhere, anytime

Gone are the days when work was confined to the office. With Sitehound's web and mobile apps, you can effortlessly create files and collaborate on them from anywhere, using any device. Experience the freedom and flexibility to work on the go, without compromising productivity.

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At Sitehound, we collaborate with you to design and implement an infrastructure tailored to your organization's asset tracking and management needs. Our comprehensive solution encompasses tracking asset tags, integrating with edge devices to capture tag data, and ensuring secure data transmission through a robust transport layer. Use our automated workflows to handle your inventory management needs.

With our cutting-edge solution your data is captured in real-time and seamlessly integrated into your existing software systems. Curious to see how it all works? Get in touch with us today to schedule a demonstration or inquire about our 30-day Assessment Engagement. For any further inquiries, simply fill out the form below. We're here to assist you every step of the way.