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Oil & Gas
Asset Tracking Management

Sitehound knows how much the missing equipment can cost. Worldwide, oil and gas operators rely on Sitehound to ensure efficiency – and return on investment. You can generate daily, weekly, or other periodic utilization and telemetry reports for your assets, so you know when it’s time to move to the next job site.

Configure Sitehound to track Anything at your facilities

Easily gather everything that matters. Track tank levels, capture notes, administer well tests, submit photos of scanned run tickets from the field. No barcode, no problem. Collect information including pictures, documents and video's. Add fields to your forms to collect data. Online and offline modes available.


Powerful scanning technology including 2D parsing

Sitehound can be configured to let any oil and gas worker scan 1D, 2D, or QR barcodes on tagged assets with the least amount of attempts required, capturing data as it moves throughout its lifecycle. Sitehound works on any major scanner or smartphone scanning platform and can be used across drilling rigs, field locations, data centers, back-office areas and warehouses. With Sitehound's configuration for 2D and QR barcodes, easily parse data into the fields of your choice.


Let Sitehound help you with your Pain Points

Here are some Oil and Gas Use Cases

Oil Rig

Land-Based Oil and Gas Rigs

Sitehound helps with benefits in inventory optimization flow upstream and downstream in your operations.
Oil Rig at Port

Off-Shore Drilling Rigs

Use your mobile devices or 3rd Party scanners with Sitehound+ to efficiently track shipments and usage on remote oil and gar drilling sites online or offline.
Manufacturing plant with industrial facilities near river

Manufacturing Equipment and Plants

Sitehound offers complete manufacturing inventory management including advanced work orders, bill of materials, barcoding scanning, and more.
Silhouette of gas turbine electrical power plant

Power Generation Plants

Sitehound offers the ability to attain cost optimization, reduce risks and render operations more flexible.
Fighter Aircraft Plant

Aircrafts and Components

Sitehound is a fully integrated flight department management solution proven to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and increase aircraft uptime.
pipeline installation for distribution and supply

Pipeline Related Assets

With Sitehound, track every stock movement from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order. Trace lots or serials upstream or downstream from anywhere in your supply chain.

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