Since 1998 we've been providing custom barcode labels for any need, anywhere in the world


We began in the barcode label business before we discovered the need for asset management software solutions. However, we have continued providing barcode label services for our customers.

Let us help you choose durable labels that fit your business needs and all working conditions.

A Supplier You Can Trust

Quality is our top priority and we continue to provide our customers with white glove service to ensure that their label order is exactly what they expect. Order labels with your own unique numbering system, custom colors, logo and specific type such as duplication labels, piggyback labels, container labels, tiny asset tag labels, weather proof labels, and more. Rush service is available when it's needed.


Sitehound has built-in barcode scanning

With the power of your phone or tablet, Sitehound lets you start tracking immediately. With our mobile app, Siteline+, it's easy to scan assets and complete transactions with just one swipe. Plus, Sitehound is great for running audits, looking up guides and checking maintenance histories.

Sitehound Barcode Module

With Sitehound's latest and greatest technology, it'll be so easy to create your own personalized barcodes for light-duty purposes. If you've been looking for a way to stay ahead of the game in today's tough market, then look no further than Sitehound.

You have barcode labels but still haven't seen Sitehound in action. Get a demo.