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IoT Technology

What We Provide

Lowest-cost battery-powered indoor/outdoor asset tracker for NB-IoT networks.

Capture run hours based on movement to understand and optimize asset utilization.

Military-level AES-256 Encryption from device to Device Manager to protect the integrity and confidentiality of telematics data. Data forwarded to third-party systems is sent via HTTPS for end-to-end security

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • 'Deploy Once' Battery Life
  • Slim & Ultra-Rugged
  • Magnetic Activation & Tamper Detection
  • Wire-Free Installation
  • Periodic or Movement-Based

This device is designed, developed, and manufactured by our partner, Digital Matter

Enterprise Ready

No matter the sector, industry, or specific application, Sitehound's solutions are primed for enterprise deployment. They offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling deployment, integration, customization, and usage across various environments – be it our cloud, your private cloud, or behind your firewall. Sitehound's robust platform is trusted by global corporations and government entities, providing them with real-time visibility and automating their asset tracking, management, GPS tracking, financial, and expenditure processes. Isn't it time you experienced the efficiency and smoothness of a Sitehound deployment?

Advanced Tracking

Boost the visibility of your global assets with a comprehensive satellite solution that allows you to monitor them in real-time. By seamlessly funneling data into the Sitehound software, you can efficiently track your assets regardless of their geographical location, ensuring that you always have up-to-date information at your fingertips. This technology enables better decision-making and asset management, providing you with a competitive edge in the global market.

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Easily configurable and straightforward setup

Our business rules engine, along with workflow and integrated administration tools, empowers your administration to dynamically configure settings without needing support from the IT team. Our applications effortlessly conform to your organization's business logic, rules, best practices, and compliance demands.


Our Asset Tracking solution adheres to the most stringent security protocols. We provide both our government and commercial clients with unparalleled protection, ensuring their data is safe from breaches and remains distinct and secure.

how we do it

Manage the EntireAsset Lifecycle with Sitehound

Stage 1

Purchase, Download/Integrate PO, Download Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) Track

Stage 2

Receive, Tag

Stage 3

Assign, Allocate, Distribute, and Monitor/Track

Stage 4

Manage, Locate, Redistribute, and Repair

Stage 5

Reorder, Restock, Depreciate, and Reallocate

Stage 6

Report, Analytics and Predict

Need to Optimize Your Supply Chain with Asset Tracking or Inventory Management?Let’s get to work.

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At Sitehound, we collaborate with you to design and implement an infrastructure tailored to your organization's asset tracking and management needs. Our comprehensive solution encompasses tracking asset tags, integrating with edge devices to capture tag data, and ensuring secure data transmission through a robust transport layer. Use our automated workflows to handle your inventory management needs.

With our cutting-edge solution your data is captured in real-time and seamlessly integrated into your existing software systems. Curious to see how it all works? Get in touch with us today to schedule a demonstration or inquire about our 30-day Assessment Engagement. For any further inquiries, simply fill out the form below. We're here to assist you every step of the way.