Integrating Cutting Edge Technology With Warehouse Processes

Warehousing With Sitehound

Putaway, pick, pack, and ship with Sitehound.


Making Warehouse Management Easy

Sitehound acts as a central control, bringing efficiency and visibility to the day-to-day operations within a warehouse. Wireless scanners and barcoding help further automate the process to provide a real-time picture of inventory and ensure accuracy throughout the supply chain.


  • Sub-locations to put-away items by rooms, bays, rows, racks, and bins.
  • Generate barcode placard labels to easily scan warehouse locations.
  • Group containers, pallets, and other items to move together as one.
  • Assets or items of quantity, all inventory is tracked with no limits.
  • Scan or enter any identifier or description to locate inventory easily.


  • Fulfill orders quickly and accurately, ensuring real-time visibility into your warehouse operations.
  • Help you increase sales, efficiency, and accuracy to ensure happier customers.
  • Pick and receive items in less time with fewer errors.
  • Simplify customer support.
  • Automate shipment tracking to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Always Innovating

When we first started out, we made some smart moves in our technology. Connecting with various 3PLs, ERPs, mobile devices and IOT devices was just what we needed. Our software solution continues to evolve with new releases innovating towards the smart warehouse.


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