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total visibility into what, when, where and how it was done - no matter your company size with asset tracking software

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We believe everyone deserves access to the latest technology. In the past, robust asset tracking software was only available to large, enterprise companies. Now, we’ve made sure a holistic approach is available to anyone, anywhere with no limit on the number of assets.

How Asset Tracking Software works?

Asset tracking software is a digital, centralized system that allows your organization to track important details about each asset in real-time. It integrates all the various elements of tracking assets into one interface and update them when they need maintenance or need to be replaced.

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How Asset Tracking Software can help your business?

By keeping track of important details, administrative costs decrease, service improves, and your organization gets greater visibility into asset utilization, costs, and maintenance.

Furthermore, it makes it much easier to determine the useful life of assets — which ones are worth keeping and which ones are costing you more than they’re worth.

What are the risks of not utilizing Asset Tracking Software?

There are many risks associated with not using an Asset Tracking Software, including decreased efficiency, inventory shortage, ghost assets, lack of asset maintenance, asset theft, and human error.

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Do you need asset tracking?

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Assets disappear all the time. You might lose them, accidentally purchase another one because you couldn’t find it on a specific day, or maybe even steal from yourself when nobody was looking! Not only does this make employees’ lives difficult but also affects every aspect of running your company – which begs you to ask how much could be saved if everything was under control? With this single question answered truthfully by Sitehound, you’ll see what could’ve been gone forever is now here in front of you!

just Assets?

Sitehound tracks all assets – this includes products with unique identifiers, bulk goods that are hard to identify individually, and items with no identifying marks. It doesn’t matter what size the company is; Sitehound will make sure you’re meeting your regulatory requirements because we understand how important it is to maintain consistency in every aspect of operation.

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"...Begin with The End in Mind"

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Sitehound Helps with Your Asset Tracking Needs

Our cutting edge technology grows with your strategic needs

Maintain compliance and gain location certainty

Sitehound tells you exactly where your items are located so you can maintain compliance requirements and even automate painful financial burdens.

Increase inventory visibility, automation and accuracy

With Sitehound, you’ll know which items are in your distribution centers and automate re-ordering and maintain a minimum stock level at all times.

Reduce the cost of doing business by ensuring returnable goods come back

Sitehound’s Geomapping allows for indoor and outdoor tracking to make sure checked out inventory returns.

Better understand equipment utilization for budgeting and planning purposes

Sitehound’s reporting and dashboards allow for real-time data that supports the ability to improve processes within the workplace.