Effective management of company assets is a complex process, especially for businesses with larger geographic footprints. As organizations grow and their investment in infrastructure expands the management of these assets becomes more and more challenging.

Sitehound makes it easy to track and manage the items that are critical to your business and gives you all the insight you need into the attributes and use of each individual asset. Imagine one source with everything you need to know about your equipment such as its barcode ID, serial number, part number, cost, condition, repair history and more. Everything you need to know about your locations, users and vendors is in there as well. With this kind of insight you can make better decisions and optimize the use of your assets throughout their lifecycle.
Sitehound Asset Lifecycle Management
What we do ?

Simply put, we provide a software solution that enables customers to easily track and manage their infrastructure of assets – from equipment and computers to documents and software licenses. We give our customers full visibility to anything that is important enough to be managed individually and/or depreciated over time.

We also manage inventory – items that are usually tracked by quantity and held for a shorter period until they are sold, deployed, or used in manufacturing. Sitehound has all the functionality needed to streamline inventory management by improving visibility and workflow regardless of the location, even in warehouses with parent-child locations like row, rack, bin, etc.

From operational design to decommissioning.

Whether you are designing your infrastructure, receiving it, deploying it, auditing, repairing or decommissioning it, Sitehound will boost your productivity and improve your bottom by eliminating waste and inefficiency around your company’s assets. Sitehound will help you optimize and extend the lifecycle of your assets ….

What We Do
Scalable Asset Lifecycle Management

If managing your assets involves maintenance planning and scheduling or project-based business, we’ve got you covered. Sitehound has robust Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) features that will simplify workflow for your mobile workforce and make maintaining and optimizing remote, complex assets easier than ever before.

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ALM Implementation

Ensure effective control of assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.

Each step in the process outlined below is a critical stage in the typical lifecycle of an asset and many take place in field environments beyond the convenience of an office or warehouse. Sitehound is built on mobile technology so you can carry the power of complete asset lifecycle management (ALM) in the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

Sitehound provides complete visibility into all infrastructure assets, with the entire history of each unique asset at your fingertips. Attachments like maintenance procedures, pictures, videos and maps can be linked to individual assets, groups of assets, even locations and users. Sitehound streamlines communication and workflow regardless of geographic dispersal, thereby ensuring success and sustainability of your organizational goals.

By managing the end-to-end asset lifecycle outlined below you can safeguard your assets, save time, minimize errors and cost, monitor progress, and optimize overall use of your company’s valuable infrastructure.
Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Planning & Acquisition

Requires a combination of strategic foresight, financial acumen, risk management, and compliance awareness.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Deployment

A thoughtful and strategic approach to resource management, taking into consideration the diverse range of assets at an organization's disposal.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Operation

A combination of proactive maintenance, monitoring, and continuous improvement to ensure that assets consistently deliver value to the organization.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Maintenance & Upkeep

Properly executed maintenance activities can lead to cost savings, increased operational efficiency, and the prevention of unexpected failures or breakdowns

Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Modification & Upgrade

Activities that are undertaken with the goal of ensuring that assets remain relevant, efficient, and aligned with organizational objectives.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Decommissioning and Disposal

Properly executed processes help organizations adhere to legal requirements, minimize environmental impact, and optimize resource use during the disposal of assets that are no longer in active service.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Data Analysis and Reporting

Organizations use these processes to transform data into actionable knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions, track performance, and drive improvements in various aspects of their operations.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Continuous Improvement

A commitment to ongoing learning, flexibility, and a systematic approach to identifying and implementing improvements at all levels of an organization.

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