Boost Efficiency

Manage All Equipment

Unpowered, powered, and heavy equipment.


Sitehound Handles More Than Just Heavy Equipment

Implement geofencing

Set geofence boundaries.

Track tools & locations

Locate all equipment.

Integrate CAD systems

Upload your drawings.

Configuration at its core

Create your own forms.


Sitehound Equipment Tracking & Management

Store details by project, group, location, category, and more. Search for what you need and report on the information quickly and easily.


Workflows With Sitehound

Product Life Expectancy &
Return on Investment

Sitehound makes it easy to keep track of your construction projects. From real-time location tracking to monitoring performance.

Improving Utilization of
Assets & Projects

Sitehound’s intelligent analytics tool helps you gain in-depth insights into the performance of your machines.

Allocation Management

Get complete visibility into where and when your equipment is being used, so you can make smart decisions on the fly.

How can equipment tracking
and management work for you?

Improve efficiency & reduce costs with our advanced equipment inventory management software. Experience business growth. Get a free demo.

Equipment Tracking And Management Features

Record Level Attachments

Add drone site videos, CAD drawings, site surveys, and more.

All Your Data in One Solution

Status, condition, and warranty information to help manage equipment life.

Tackle Asset Planning and Optimization

View trends and maintenance activities.

Complete Action History

Safety strategies to put in place.


Create virtual barriers to trigger a response.


Taking Asset Management to the Extreme: How Sitehound Software with GIS Tracking Helps Off-Road Recovery Teams Navigate the Wild