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Everyone has the right to use cutting-edge technology. In the past, these types of job site management software solutions were only available for larger companies with substantial budgets; but not anymore. Sitehound ensures an affordable and accessible product for people who need it most.

Meet Sitehound Tracking and Management

How does Job Site Management Software work?

Job site management software connects the back office to the job site to optimize collaboration and communication and reduce overall risk.

How does Job Site Management Software help your business?

Job site management software can simplify the task of time and resources tracking, improve communication between suppliers and contractors, and provide a bird’s eye view of physical materials.

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What are the risks of not utilizing Job Site Management Software?

There are a lot of inconsistencies in the construction industry, cost overruns, productivity loss, and safety issues because people aren’t coordinating or communicating effectively.

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Sitehound Can Help

With over twenty years of research and refinement under our belt, we’ve got you covered. Built with you in mind, Sitehound will help you manage not only job site assets, but your time, employees, and real-time data. Unleash your data with Sitehound today.


ASSET management

Make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes, by using an asset management software, such as Sitehound, to ensure your company’s assets are properly managed.


certificate/license management

Get a single pane of glass with Sitehound. Monitor your certificate or license inventory and get alerts on installation or expiration issues.


compliance management

With Sitehound, centralize all your data securely and gain real-time visibility into risks and implement automated workflows.


subcontractor management

Sitehound lets you manage all your subcontractors. Track who is active and inactive, easily assign tasks or inventory to them, and never worry about mix-ups between projects because it’s all done just for you.


automated workflows

Sitehound is an efficient productivity tool for those who work in unpredictable environments or for those who are too busy to handle what needs to be done. Sitehound cuts out the need for tedious tasks and reduces human error.


mobile smart forms

Do what you need with Sitehound’s configurable mobile smart forms. Create your own custom fields or use ours – it makes no difference; we’ve got you covered.

A Sitehound Use Case for Construction

5 Asset Management Strategies

1. Users

With Sitehound, you can find the perfect fit for your team. You can assign tasks to each individual and make sure everything gets done.

Construction workers discussing blueprint
Sitehound reporting

2. Reporting & Dashboards

Know the life cycle of each of your assets so that you can be ready to replace them when the time comes. This will reduce downtime, allow you to make wiser decisions on the replacement equipment, and show you how much the asset has depreciated.

3. Profitability

Understanding how each asset helps your business be profitable is important. Some assets simply do not drive profits for your business and when this happens, you have the opportunity to replace it with something that will. For example, when a construction truck started causing you to spend a lot of money to keep it in working condition, it is time to sell it or replace it with a new one.

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4. Audits, Warranties & Maintenance

Your site is your biggest asset. If it goes down, so does your business. With Sitehound, you can evaluate the condition of your assets regularly to make sure that everything is running smoothly. With warranty and maintenance tracking along with auditing, you can identify problems before they develop so that you don’t have any surprises when it comes time to service or replace anything.

5. Unleash Your Data

With Sitehound’s Asset Lifecycle Management solution, your construction company can see in real time where your inventory is located. You can manage assets and personnel with greater precision – from warehouse to vehicle to work order. That way you have a better idea of what you have in stock and if anything is missing or needs to be replaced. Tracking reduces shortages and helps improve the efficiency of your crews as they complete their projects on time.

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