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Every data center is striving to optimize its CAPEX and OPEX to stay competitive and succeed. This requires a disciplined approach to infrastructure management. DCIM leverages best practices from Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) to track and manage your assets, giving you an accurate, real-time view of their useful life. It's used for financial data management, analysis, dashboards and reporting.

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One-Stop Asset Management




Organizations find themselves dealing with a wide range of factors when it comes to the operation and maintenance of their data centers. Not only are these important considerations costly and difficult, but they are also too often inefficient and ineffective. Asset management is one area where many enterprises could make significant improvements.

Inaccurate Asset Location Information

With Sitehound, get real-time data and know exactly where your data center equipment is.

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No Overall View of Assets

Sitehound is a comprehensive data center management software that unifies, centralizes, and automates all aspects of your business from remote monitoring to network power analysis. It integrates with the physical plant and equipment system to provide a full life cycle assessment of your power distribution.


Unknown Server Capacity Utilization

Let Sitehound keep track of your server capacity utilization by integrating with your monitoring system and get real-time notifications


Warranty/Maintenance Uncertainty

Sitehound is a web-based tool that helps data center personnel identify when servers and storage units need to be serviced or replaced based on their original manufacturer specifications.

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Static (Outdated) Reports in a Dynamic Environment

Sitehound is your go-to solution when you need to be constantly informed about your server's status to ensure peak performance is achieved. Real-time reporting is easy to use and set up.

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Decrease Costs

With Sitehound get support for every aspect of data center operations while mitigating downtime and optimizing total cost of ownership.

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The ROI Experts

Sitehound is a key component of your organization’s ROI.  With asset management and cost savings at the forefront, Sitehound gives you what you need most: a single source of truth for assets. It’s easy to see how you can see your ROI with multi-faceted organizational searches that saves time on finding what you need when it matters most.

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Best Practices

Let Sitehound help with your mission-critical data centers.  With over two decades of experience in tracking and management, let Sitehound help maintain your data centers best practices for asset management.

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