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Asset, Site & Warehouse Management for Telecom

Everyone has the right to use cutting-edge technology. In the past, these types of warehouse management solutions were only available for larger companies with substantial budgets; but not anymore! At Sitehound, we ensure an affordable and accessible product for people who need it most; so no matter where you are or what you're looking for - quality service is just a few clicks away.

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Full Lifecycle Management

The true value of a business can't be fully seen until it's been managed for awhile. That's why managing assets is so important when it comes to being profitable. Sitehound offers a suite of services that make it easy for you to manage telecom assets from commission to decommission.

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Inventory Management

Sitehound facilitates cross-linking of equipment lease agreements with site asset inventory, thus preventing revenue leakage from unlicensed equipment. This is a critical factor to ensure the profitability of a site and can be easily leveraged through the centralized nature of a site management platform. A truly integrated system such as Sitehound not only connects assets to contract, it also captures contract abstraction with a complete history of expiry dates/renewal dates and document repository of these contracts.



Sitehound has made it possible for service providers to track their assets as they move through the supplier network and stay updated on where each asset is at any given time. With Sitehound, you can map all of your telecom assets to ongoing telecom infra projects like tower rollout, construction, or maintenance activities. This means that when your team creates material requests that are fulfilled through supply chain management systems, the resulting assets delivered to the sites will be tagged with their origin.


Asset Tracking

Sitehound is a logical tool for companies looking to create easy-to-read catalogs of their assets and their attributes. These catalogs include the equipment's UID, as well as geotags, barcodes, QR codes, RFID, model number, serial number, asset photo, and more. The benefits don't stop there: Sitehound also provides companies with tools for keeping their spare parts inventory up-to-date and available for those in need at any given time.



Sitehound allows you to keep track of sites not yet in the system. Create these sites on the fly with coordinate data, pictures and other attachments - offline or online.



Sitehound tracks every event in the history of a piece of equipment or facility, from installation to removal. These records are logged as they happen, so we have a reliable timeline of everything that has happened. This means we can hold employees accountable and keep our workplace compliant with internal standards. Computerized logs make this information easier to find and more accurate than ever before.



With Sitehound's suite of reports, your team can know where all your towers are, how much revenue they're making, and what equipment they need - before it's too late.  Let Sitehound help you meet your business goals and keep all the assets running at optimal levels.

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