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Asset Management for Utilities

Sitehound is the premier utility management company in the industry, with years of experience behind them. With Sitehound, you'll have access to the latest tools in managing your assets efficiently and without any issues.

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Asset Management

Asset management has never been so easy. With Sitehound, you can easily find where your assets are and evaluate their performance in new ways. We make it easy for you to take control of your energy assets.


Planning, Design & Construction

You need innovative tools and inventive methods for effective electricity utility management. To create efficient designs, engineering teams require data that is both diverse and reliable. True design information is found in a modern geographic information system (GIS), which provides a solid data and communication foundation to model utility networks. This enables utilities to succeed with repeatable solutions to engineering problems. The innovative capabilities of Sitehound reinforce success for utility design and engineering.



You're managing an electric utility, but when it comes to asset management you don't need to rest on your laurels. Spare parts, vehicles, work site locations-- optimizing all of these is no easy task. Your challenge is magnified by the fact that optimal asset management doesn't happen without a location-based eye. That's where Sitehound comes in: it combines routing with hazards in order to optimize your service center locations, revealing the best dispatch of fieldworkers.


Safety & Environment

Every day, you face the same challenges: preventing workplace accidents and responding to emergencies in your community. GIS is a powerful tool that can uncover unsafe conditions that put people, property, and the environment at risk. With innovative analytical techniques and real-time data at your fingertips, Sitehound has answers for managing your assets. You can rest assured knowing Sitehound has all of your bases covered.

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The innovative asset management utilities of Sitehound capture data in real time or offline, enabling you to complete and submit your work when connected again – or save it for later while on the go!

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