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What Features Should Education Tracking Software Have?

A feature rich education tracking software has the ability to track your school district’s assets, in-depth visibility of all your data, and an ability to create powerful reports.

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How Does School Management System/Software Help?

An education tracking software helps to locate school assets whenever needed, retrieve maintenance histories, create reports to track the total cost of ownership and enforce accountability in staff members and students.

Sitehound helps with your pain points

Tracking assets can be tough in and of itself, but if you find yourself struggling with these issues, then you should consider our software solution which is both easy to set up and provides data accuracy. Schools who have switched to using our asset management system find themselves managing the difficulties of time, money, and compliance with ease.

Locate each and every school asset whenever needed

Keep track of your individual assets as well as groups with multiple quantities

Retrieve maintenance histories and reports​

Track total cost of ownership and keep your assets in good working condition

Enforce accountability in staff members and students

Sitehound lets you track asset locations and assignments to students or faculty

Keep Your Education Infrastructure Running Smoothly

Understand what you have, where it is, and how it is being used. Sitehound allows your administrators to:
* Expand visibility and oversight into your data from all directions
* Maintain a big-picture view of the health and future of your school district's assets
* Create powerful reports to drill down into valuable details

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The Benefits of Using Our Software

Sitehound lets individuals, departments, and companies of ANY scale configure, track, and manage their stuff easily and quickly. It empowers the mobile workforce to collect data in the field with our iOS or Android app. Sitehound can also be connected through APIs to any financial or third-party system to send and receive data. It is available as a cloud-based solution and can be accessed using any browser on your computer or phone.

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