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asset lifecycle management for ISPs


​​We believe that the best-in-class mobile app for asset management should be able to do more than just track installation activity, it should provide an unparalleled user experience. An all-in-one solution for ISPs to optimize the life cycle of their network assets from initial deployment to retirement.

What are the Risks of not Utilizing ISP Asset Management?

There are serious risks associated with not using ISP asset management, including inventory inaccuracy, audit inefficiency, difficulty maximizing the output of assets, overspending, and compliance issues not being addressed. ISP Asset Management put transparency into your system, saving you time and eliminating the question of where something was at any point in time.

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With more assets comes more responsibility.

Internet service providers have large amounts of physical assets that must be effectively managed to maximize their value. In fact, over 50% of an ISP’s annual capital expenditure is invested in acquiring network assets. These expensive assets combine to make up the network that defines the strength of an ISP’s offering to its customers.

Managing assets of any kind is not just about location or quantity, but also the value they deliver to your enterprise over the whole of its life. This is more commonly known as the “asset life-cycle”. For ISPs, monitoring an asset throughout its lifecycle is vital when looking to maximize output and save millions on over spending.

Sitehound and Asset Tracking for ISPs

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