List of Some Sitehound Integrations

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in Real-Time

Sitehound makes it easy to connect to anything and share data in real-time to any connected external business system from one front end to help eliminate the swivel chair effect. Let the integrations begin.


Integrations Explained


Sitehound's powerful integrations allow you to easily transfer data from one system to another, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Real-time Mapping

Sitehound is a real-time platform for tracking and management of your data. This means that as updates are made, the changes can be mapped immediately.

Simplified Integrations

Connect Sitehound to a variety of systems with our standard, yet powerful API. Simplify your workflow by integrating your favorite web technologies and business applications such as Slack, Salesforce CRM, Google Drive and more


Sitehound Integrations are designed to be flexible and easy for business owners. They can connect to any system or API, making it a fully configurable tool.


How Sitehound Integrates
with Other Business Systems

Sitehound Integrations are how data moved in and out of the application.
They can be configured to connect to a variety of external systems.
Explore how Sitehound integrates with other business systems.

Choose an integration

Select the integration that you would like to use with Sitehound.

Configure the connection

Set up the connection between Sitehound and the external system.

Test the connection

Test the connection to make sure that it is working correctly.

Need A Plan for Growth?

read our article on business integration software

Sitehound in Use


With Sitehound asset management software, your company will be able to better track and manage their physical assets like keyboards, laptops, phones, etc. This will simplify the process of upgrading or replacing them while facilitating the collection of them once individuals have left the company. We can help your company integrate Sitehound into your existing IDM solution or any other business system so you can take advantage of these benefits.

Select from Pre-Made or Custom Triggers.

Pre-Made or Custom Triggers allow you to automate your integrations and reduce manual work.

Pre-Made Triggers

Pre-Made Triggers

Selecting the Pre-Made Triggers will allow you to use the default/built-in actions for commonly used integrations, workflows, and activity in Sitehound.

Sitehound Triggers Workflows

Custom Triggers

Creating the Custom Triggers will allow you to configure integrations, workflows, and activity in Sitehound to better suit for business needs.  

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