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Why Education Needs Sitehound for Asset Tracking

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Charlie Greyhound
Charlie Greyhound

The need for asset tracking for schools and educational institutions is evident in today’s educational landscape. With the rise of online learning, effectively tracking equipment allocated to students, staff, and employees is essential. You can learn more about how Sitehound helps keep track of schools’ assets, including what has been assigned, what is available, and where it is located.

How Asset Tracking with Sitehound works for Schools

Sitehound is a cloud-based application that helps schools and educational institutions track their resources. This includes lab equipment, laptops, cameras, phones, and printers. It consolidates all the information into one place and makes it easy to search and filter. Sitehound also has a mobile app to access your data on the go. Whether online or offline, education asset tracking has always been challenging. The app is designed to work with schools’ existing infrastructure, so there’s no need for new hardware or software. All you need is an internet connection. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can start adding resources and tracking their usage.

Benefits of Sitehound for Schools and Educational Institutions

As the world becomes increasingly digital, schools and educational institutions need to have a way to track their assets. Sitehound helps schools and educational institutions do just that. Here are some of the benefits of using Sitehound:

  1. You can track your education infrastructure. With Sitehound, schools can track their assets from ordering to decommissioning. Know what you have, where you have it when you need more, and how many spares you have available. Ensure your equipment is returned, track warranties, and repair equipment.
  2. Use on mobile – online or offline. Track the status of your resources by scanning with your iOS or Android phone’s camera. Get real-time status updates as they occur in the field if changes happen while there is no connectivity in the area. Sitehound will send notifications when the upload finally happens.
  3. Connect to other systems. With Sitehound’s integrations, schools can view all their data using one platform. Therefore schools can integrate their financial or ticketing systems into Sitehound.
  4. Save time and money. Schools that use Sitehound can save time and money by tracking and managing their assets, reconciling their financials, and ensuring warranties are utilized, and repairs are performed. Tracking all your resources, knowing when you purchased them, where they are located, and managing their maintenance will help you save time and money.

Cost Benefits of Using Sitehound for Schools and Educational Institutions Asset Tracking

As a school administrator, you always seek ways to save money and improve efficiency. Sitehound is an asset-tracking tool that can help you do both. With Sitehound, you can track your resources, making it easy to see where your money is going and how it is used. This can help you make better decisions about where to allocate your resources. In addition, Sitehound can help you identify areas where you can cut costs. For example, if a particular resource is not used effectively, you can redirect those funds to another site.

Other Benefits of Sitehound

There are many configurable options with Sitehound depending on your needs. In addition to tracking your assets such as books, computers, software licenses, equipment, servers, mobile phones, etc., you can also follow other items. Use your mobile phone to track GPS points and view the location points on a map you can customize with layers and attributes.

If you work for or manage a school or educational institution, you know how important it is to keep track of your resources. Not only can Sitehound help you do that and more, but it is an essential tool for any school or educational institution looking to improve its operations and efficiency.

What differentiates Sitehound from other Asset Tracking Solutions?

When you search for education asset tracking software, there are endless ads with many software applications available. There are, of course, limitations to all of these—some charge by how many assets, while others are outdated or have limited features. Sitehound is the newest asset tracking and management software available to date. It was based on our previous software, CATS, which is used by some of the largest telecom providers to manage their network assets by Fulcrum Technologies, Inc. Unlike other education asset tracking solutions, Sitehound never charges you by the number of assets tracked.

Sitehound’s primary differentiation is that it is a new software application built from the ground up with the latest technology focusing on configurations. Importantly, we wanted you to be able to use it to track anything – individual or items of groups – store anything regardless of size – and configure it however you choose. Our boutique approach allows us to help you get up and running without any headaches. We will be by your side throughout the implementation, and you will have a voice in the implemented features.

Check out Sitehound’s education page here, or sign up for a demo today!

Charlie Greyhound
Charlie Greyhound
Charlie, a Dynamic Brand Ambassador for Sitehound Asset & Inventory Management Software, specializing in driving brand awareness and user engagement. Expert in demonstrating software benefits, training users, and leveraging social media platforms to highlight product features and successes. Passionate about optimizing asset management and inventory processes for diverse industries.

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