Sitehound: The Best Solution for Offline Web Maps for Mobile Workers

Sitehound is the perfect solution for mobile workers accessing web maps offline. Whether you are exploring a mountainous terrain with a poor internet connection or need internet access on your mobile device for work, Sitehound is designed to handle it all. Sitehound’s intuitive web app allows you to create pre-made map packages, which can be downloaded onto mobile devices to allow workers to collect data and explore assets regardless of whether they have an internet connection. Once the workers return to a connected environment, their work will sync to the Sitehound web.

How it Works

Take Maps Offline in Four Ways

  1. Create

Please start by selecting from one of our existing tile sets provided by MapTiler, or bring your Tile Provider. You can create layers for your map by importing an existing ShapeFile or Geojson object or starting from scratch. Set your boundaries, and add points, lines, pre-existing ShapeFiles, or polygons for use online or offline. Configure defaults to customize your experience with units of length, distance, area, etc. Use our session manager to test your maps and collection rules. Once created, your maps are ready to download onto your workers’ mobile devices to use on-air or offline.

  1. Collect

Sitehound allows you to collect real-time points from devices in the field – Employees, Vehicles, etc. and overlay them onto locations. You can also create Points of Interest (POI) from your mobile device and collect data points about them. This can all be done online or offline and uploaded later via a batch transaction.

  1. Track

With Sitehound, you can track progress, movement, and more. Points will be incrementally accumulated based on the frequency set in settings. You can increase or decrease points by specifying your desired number of seconds between point increments, measured in one-second intervals.

  1. Analyze

Sitehound offers data analysis tools to manipulate, quantify, and manage your data. You can compare session tracking data online to allow insight into trends. You can also export your data out of Sitehound into ArcGIS or other systems or import from ArcGIS into Sitehound.

Sitehound GIS: The Ultimate Solution for Mobile Workers

Sitehound Mapping & GIS is an all-in-one solution for mobile workers that combines data collection, map viewing, and location tracking capabilities into a single app. With Sitehound, your mobile workforce can conduct inspections, collect data, track worker locations, and perform other activities in the field. Sitehound helps simplify and streamline life for your mobile workers, enabling you to focus on core business activities.

Want to learn more about Sitehound GIS and take your web maps offline? Click here to visit our website and learn more.