Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2023 is one of the year’s most anticipated events. MWC brings together professionals from the mobile technology industry worldwide. As part of MWC Barcelona 2023, Sitehound, the intelligent asset tracking solution, is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the event.

Sitehound’s Team

Sitehound’s CEO, Jami Oster, and Sales Coordinator, Stephanie Fitzpatrick, will represent our company at MWC Barcelona 2023. As well as being available in Hall 5, Booth 5G51, they will also be available for attendees to meet with. There will be a demonstration of Sitehound’s innovative technology and insights into how it can help businesses optimize their asset management processes by leveraging technology.

What’s Sitehound?

As an asset-tracking solution, Sitehound uses the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), to provide real-time asset tracking and insights into the asset management process. To help businesses locate, monitor, and manage their assets, from vehicles and equipment to high-value goods and inventories, Sitehound solution enables them to do so.

Wait! There’s more.

As part of the MWC Barcelona 2023 event, Sitehound’s representatives will be available to discuss the capabilities of the company’s e-commerce platform with visitors. As a result of this, businesses of all sizes will be able to improve the asset management process as a result of this. Moreover, they can offer insight into how Sitehound’s technology can be used to reduce operating costs, improve asset utilization, and increase the security of an organization.

All the Right Moves

MWC Barcelona 2023 is the right platform for Sitehound to showcase its innovative technology. During the event, attendees can gain insights into the latest technologies, explore industry-leading solutions, network with industry leaders, and gain insight into the newest technologies. Also, meet with industry professionals to discuss the future of asset tracking.

Hall 5 Booth 5G51

If attending MWC Barcelona 2023, check out Sitehound’s booth in Hall 5, Booth 5G51. You’ll find out more about the company’s innovative asset-tracking solution that the company offers. The Sitehound team of Jami Oster and Stephanie Fitzpatrick will be there to answer any questions you might have. They will also provide insights into how Sitehound can enhance the asset management processes in your business.

Not Attending MWC Barcelona 2023?

You’ll be able to learn more about Sitehound here. Also, you can read more articles on how Asset Tracking software can help your business.