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Sitehound: Helping manage everything in a single, centralized location.

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Charlie Greyhound
Charlie Greyhound

As a business leader, you handle numerous elements daily, ranging from teams and devices to objectives and budgets. Often, these aspects are managed through multiple tools and spreadsheets, making it challenging to have a clear overview of your priorities, leading to isolated information, teams, and decision-making.

Imagine managing everything in a single, centralized location. Sitehound makes it possible. Let’s explore how Sitehound enables you to manage your processes, people, and technology in one platform.


Efficient asset tracking and management are crucial for optimizing device usage and enhancing organizational processes. Considering the significant investment you’ve made in IT devices and other assets, it’s essential to safeguard that investment. Sitehound enables you to perform various actions and monitor the entire history of these items, allowing you to:

  • Check devices in and out
  • Plan for upcoming maintenance
  • Predict future purchasing requirements
  • Perform audits of your asset inventory and their performance
  • Manage device warranties and security information
  • Mark assets as damaged or ready for disposal

With a streamlined, easy-to-use solution for tasks like checking laptops in and out or flagging them for repair, you’ll enhance workflows, saving time and resources. These processes foster accountability and enable you to accurately monitor your assets’ status, helping you understand their lifecycle and plan for servicing or replacement.


While a comprehensive asset management platform typically focuses on assets and related processes, Sitehound allows you to track everything from physical and digital assets to employees. For instance, your HR department can add new employees, store essential documents like I-9s, and monitor completed on-the-job training within the platform. This simplifies headcount tracking, new hires, and employee turnover.

Sitehound enables you to add unlimited users, ensuring your entire team stays informed. You can customize permission levels for end users, managers, and administrators. This is particularly useful for remote teams or multi-location companies, allowing everyone to collaborate to maintain an up-to-date asset inventory in real-time.

Furthermore, improved alignment increases accountability and compliance in asset management practices. If you have difficulty locating a device, you can review its record history to identify its location, assignee, and the person who checked it out. Enhanced accountability reduces the risk of loss and unexpected expenses.

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Technology plays a critical role in any organization, regardless of size. Just as your company needs a CRM for customer relations or an ERP for finances, CIOs, and CTOs require a platform to manage numerous technologies. With it, data becomes cohesive, increasing the time needed for data collection and analysis.

Sitehound centralizes your data and unifies various technologies through integrations, streamlining workflows across your tech stack and improving data hygiene. Whether integrating a service desk, active directory, or SSO provider, Sitehound can seamlessly connect with your other software.

For instance, integrating Sitehound with your service desk or ticketing system (e.g., Zendesk, Jira) allows you to perform an action in Sitehound that creates a ticket in your integrated system. This saves time and breaks down silos across your tech stack, enabling your team to work more efficiently.

Getting Started with Sitehound:

These three examples demonstrate how Sitehound can help manage crucial aspects of your business. With our fully customizable software, you can align your team, unify your tech stack, and minimize total ownership costs by extending your assets’ lifespan.

So why wait? Get a demo of Sitehound today and experience the power of centralized management for yourself. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Sitehound is the perfect tool for taking your business to the next level.

Charlie Greyhound
Charlie Greyhound
Charlie, a Dynamic Brand Ambassador for Sitehound Asset & Inventory Management Software, specializing in driving brand awareness and user engagement. Expert in demonstrating software benefits, training users, and leveraging social media platforms to highlight product features and successes. Passionate about optimizing asset management and inventory processes for diverse industries.

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At Sitehound, we collaborate with you to design and implement an infrastructure tailored to your organization's asset tracking and management needs. Our comprehensive solution encompasses tracking asset tags, integrating with edge devices to capture tag data, and ensuring secure data transmission through a robust transport layer. Use our automated workflows to handle your inventory management needs.

With our cutting-edge solution your data is captured in real-time and seamlessly integrated into your existing software systems. Curious to see how it all works? Get in touch with us today to schedule a demonstration or inquire about our 30-day Assessment Engagement. For any further inquiries, simply fill out the form below. We're here to assist you every step of the way.