Oil and gas operations are capital intensive, involving a complex array of assets across drilling sites, storage yards, and offices. Gone are the days where companies can rely on multiple spreadsheets and fragmented asset inventory management systems. To stay ahead, you need to know where your parts and equipment are at all times. Similar to the communications industry, oil and gas can can learn how best to track these assets.

Sitehound’s Software

This is where oil and gas can learn from the communications Industry. Sitehound is the the secret weapon communication top brand names have relied on. The software collects and tracks asset data from a wide range of sources. It reconciles the data to give management a centralized view for continuity of operations, and decision making.

This data is integrated with 3rd Party business systems to keep them up-to-date with real time data. These external systems include ERP, OSS, WMS, 3PL systems to name a few. Fulcrum’s software provides the data needed to drive these systems ensuring they are reconciled to the source of truth.

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Communications is where it started

Fulcrum started with the cellular boom in the 90s with tracking facilities and providing compliance. Fulcrum helped with duplication, digital twins and assisted during disasters. They used the CATS software to deploy emergency equipment. It has been and continues to be a success from CATS to Sitehound.

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