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How Barcodes Can Make A Difference in Asset Tracking

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Charlie Greyhound
Charlie Greyhound

If you own a smartphone, you already have access to a barcode scanner. This small, yet crucial tool can be used for asset tracking and provide an impactful advantage in many industries.

Barcode Asset Tracking Software Explained

Barcode asset tracking is the process of using barcodes to track assets. When printed on labels and attached to assets, barcodes are scanned and used to look up information about the asset, such as its location, owner, or purchase date. These barcodes are printed on labels and attached to assets. Barcode asset tracking can help businesses keep track of their assets and ensure they get used properly.

No business, organization, or industry couldn’t benefit from comprehensive and accurate fixed barcode asset tracking. A prime example is the Renewables sector.

Organizations must invest in physical space, furniture, office supplies, land, industrial equipment, and fixed IT assets. Without these essential investments, an organization could not generate revenue or efficiently maintain operations.

Fixed assets are tangible pieces of property or property that an organization owns and uses to generate income. As you use these items, they will depreciate on the balance sheet.

There is no way to keep track of the condition and location of your assets without a system of record-keeping. Organizations cannot know what they own or how their items are doing without a strategy.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

An ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach to asset management is a recipe for disaster. A company will often lose assets, have ghost assets on its balance sheet, experience costly accounting errors, and waste time and money. Moreover, asset managers can become far less prepared for an audit or experience much frustration without this system.

With barcode asset tracking, each asset has a unique barcode which, when scanned, identifies the exact location of that item and will also link you with such data as the comprehensive maintenance history, maintenance schedule, check-in and check-out statuses, and depreciation.

What are the benefits of tracking assets with barcodes?

Most organizations realize the importance of barcode asset tracking, not just for compliance and accounting purposes. A barcode like those used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can track the real-time location of products, whether they have moved from one site to another or are out for scheduled maintenance.

With barcodes, anyone can track assets without having to hunt them manually. Humans don’t have to enter data or update it when the location of an asset changes, which reduces the risk of human error that could harm a company’s finances.

Manually tracking the location of assets can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Barcode scanning services work remotely and improve efficiency by telling you where your equipment is when needed.

Mobile Devices and Barcode Asset Tracking

There are many different barcode scanning apps. Until recently, employees had to use a separate handheld barcode scanner to take inventory of their company’s assets and log them into their records. With Sitehound’s mobile asset tracking app, companies can continue using their handheld barcode scanners or use their smartphones or tablets with scanning capabilities.

Whether using a handheld or your mobile device, you can manage your fixed assets and more (documents, stormwater sensor readings, and more) – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anyone can use the Sitehound app to discover an asset’s lifecycle, where it is, and who has it. The tool also has past and scheduled maintenance, depreciation, and more information.

Sitehound’s Barcode Asset Tracking Solution

Sitehound is one of the best software tools available to track barcodes. The benefits include a substantial amount of money saved and improved process management. Reach out to learn more today.

Charlie Greyhound
Charlie Greyhound
Charlie, a Dynamic Brand Ambassador for Sitehound Asset & Inventory Management Software, specializing in driving brand awareness and user engagement. Expert in demonstrating software benefits, training users, and leveraging social media platforms to highlight product features and successes. Passionate about optimizing asset management and inventory processes for diverse industries.

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