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Build It and Data Will Come: Sitehound's Field of Inventory Dreams

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Chris Cushman
Chris Cushman

From The Ground Up

Sitehound is a sophisticated multi-tenant cloud-based Web Application tailored for Inventory tracking. At its core, this system excels in managing your Inventory, drawing on our extensive 25-year experience with Inventory Tracking at leading US telecommunications firms. Our track record in Asset Lifecycle Management speaks volumes. What distinguishes Sitehound is the array of cutting-edge technology and features that empower you to extract maximum value from your stored data.

Built on a contemporary Kotlin & React web application stack, Sitehound simplifies the integration of libraries and technologies, facilitating the development of robust features. This agility enables us to promptly address customer needs and implement new features seamlessly. With each significant update, we enhance our stack and dependencies to ensure security, leveraging the latest architecture and software innovations available.

Configuration vs. Customization

At Sitehound, our motto for features is "Configuration, not Customization." This philosophy underscores our commitment to offering optional features that empower you, rather than imposing customizations that limit your choices. By adopting this approach, we enable our customers to tailor their Organizations to align with their unique business practices. Moreover, it allows us to introduce features that may seem bespoke to individual customers without impacting others. We continuously introduce new functionalities and eagerly welcome fresh ideas for enhancing our application.

Sitehound further provides the flexibility to customize your organization's fields to match your data requirements. You can adjust the fields displayed for Items, Locations, and Inventory Entities, such as relabeling "Item Number" to "SKU" for clarity. Additionally, you have the ability to designate fields as required, hidden, or disabled in Web or Mobile Forms. By adding custom attributes, you can track additional data as needed. Whether you choose to implement all or none of these options in Sitehound, rest assured that your system will safeguard and collect the necessary data effectively.

Let it flow

Workflows serve as the linchpin of Sitehound, orchestrating seamless operations. Workflow Schedule Triggers initiate a workflow instance according to a set schedule, ideal for regular connectors to external systems. On the other hand, Workflow Action Triggers activate a workflow based on specific actions and conditions. For instance, you can receive notifications when inventory is moved from a specific site or monitor stock levels at selected locations. Workflow Level Triggers initiate workflow instances by monitoring Inventory Actions in real time. Once you've set up a workflow Trigger, customize the subsequent steps to execute when the workflow is activated. Implement minimum rules to automate stock orders from external systems and maximum rules to alert you of stock levels surpassing expectations. The goal is to leverage Sitehound events effectively, whether by executing actions within the platform or syncing with external systems through Inbound or Outbound Connectors. By utilizing workflows, you can maintain data accuracy and receive timely updates seamlessly.

It's my data, and I need it now!

An Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tracking system inherently involves handling vast amounts of data, which is crucial for Sitehound's functionality. With our application, you can effortlessly collect, manage, and visualize data. Through Connectors, we offer unparalleled data access, allowing you to exchange data between Sitehound and external systems seamlessly. Our platform empowers you to format data as it moves in or out, facilitating column mapping and data alignment across systems. Previously, these complex integrations required extensive collaboration between engineering teams and multiple entities to ensure accurate data transmission. Sitehound simplifies this process, enabling customers to configure mappings and setups independently within minutes.

Bring it in

Sitehound's inbound connectors enable data retrieval from external systems through various methods. Craft an HTTP POST request to access an API and utilize the retrieved data to trigger actions within Sitehound. Link it to a distributed queue system such as Rabbit MQ or Amazon SQS for receiving real-time updates from external systems as events unfold. With our Inbound Connector File Handlers, you can deposit files onto platforms like Amazon S3, FTP, or SFTP, and we will parse these files, taking actions based on the data. Sitehound also has preset out-of-the-box integrations for QuickBooks and Shopify.

Future integrations include services like Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, and Zapier. Should you wish to import data from a system not listed here into Sitehound, reach out to us, and let's incorporate it into our roadmap!

Tell the world

Outbound connectors empower you to export your Sitehound data to any destination of your choice! Whether it's a file or JSON/CSV/XML format, we seamlessly transfer your data directly to external systems like S3, FTP, SFTP, or HTTP. If you require a different protocol, let's collaborate to make it happen!

Bottom Line

We consistently assess and enhance our technical stack, features, and roadmap to guarantee we're on the correct path. Currently, we provide numerous options for gathering, organizing, viewing, sending, receiving, cleansing, formatting, syncing, and sharing your data! What more could you need? Let us know how Sitehound can revolutionize your world and unleash your data!

Chris Cushman
Chris Cushman
Chris is an accomplished professional with an impressive 17-year history at our esteemed company. Serving as the Principal Technical Architect, Chris excels at blending innovation with practicality, shaping the technological landscape with precision and foresight. Beyond his technical expertise, Chris finds joy in soccer, video games, and puzzles, embodying a well-rounded problem-solving approach that infuses creativity into every technical hurdle he faces.

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At Sitehound, we collaborate with you to design and implement an infrastructure tailored to your organization's asset tracking and management needs. Our comprehensive solution encompasses tracking asset tags, integrating with edge devices to capture tag data, and ensuring secure data transmission through a robust transport layer. Use our automated workflows to handle your inventory management needs.

With our cutting-edge solution your data is captured in real-time and seamlessly integrated into your existing software systems. Curious to see how it all works? Get in touch with us today to schedule a demonstration or inquire about our 30-day Assessment Engagement. For any further inquiries, simply fill out the form below. We're here to assist you every step of the way.