Read on about Sitehound’s Asset Tracking Use Case. Meet Frank, a field technician working in the telecom industry in Memphis, TN. His company uses Sitehound to track their network assets in the field and warehouse. He has a company mobile phone along with a bluetooth bar code scanner that he stores in his truck.

A day in the life of Frank, the field technician

Frank, the field tech gets a notification from Sitehound. There are parts and equipment scanned at the warehouse receiving dock and were minutes away from being ready. Simultaneously the WMS and ERP systems become aware of the new assets and automatically kick off a work-fulfillment workflow. All parts are reserved in Sitehound. Frank then gets an instant notification of three service requests that will leverage the new equipment. He opens his Sitehound App to verify the assets’ current locations. Then, he heads to the warehouse in his company truck to pick up the assets. Once there, he scans the assets by groups as they load. It’s going to be a busy day!

Asset Tracking at Separate Locations

He then heads out to his first location, the switch. Here, he pulls out ten different network boxes, scans each one with his iPhone, and installs them one by one. Each transaction is immediately recorded, reconciled and pushed out to all connected systems and approved users. There is no chance for hoarding, theft, fraud, or other CapEx/OpEx hurting activities.

He then travels to the next location. At the first cell site, Frank must uninstall three different network cards that are end-of-life. He scans them out of the system which sends instant notifications and warrantee information for retirement or repair consideration.

At the second cell site he travels to, Frank must perform extensive equipment upgrades. He swaps out nine parts in total: a transmitter, 2 receivers, a power amplifier, 3 digital signal processors, a power supply and network interface modules. All of them – coming and going – he scans out and in, and they register immediately. He checks his status on Sitehound and sees all “green.”

End of His Asset Tracking Day

His day ends on time, which makes him a happy worker as the asset tracking is complete. From a business perspective, Frank’s management, Supply Chain, Operations, and Finance teams are all happy as well, thanks to the system efficiencies that Sitehound app was able to bring to each department.

Sitehound app can bring your organization that same level of happiness, with a configured solution that matches your unique business processes. For more information, please visit