take control – unleash your data

Keep Track of Every Important Detail

Web and mobile friendly – accessible from anywhere in the world. 

Manage assets from anywhere

Facilitate team collaboration regardless of geographical dispersion. It is the ideal way for members to communicate, share documents, messages, comments, and tasks with each other. Accessible on both Android and iOS devices as Sitehound+.

Asset tracking from home

locations, items, inventory

Keep location information up to date including access info, gps coordinates, and site details. Manage your list of items including manufacturer and warranty information. Track all inventory including individual assets or items of quantity. 


Mastering Asset Management for Utilities - Sitehound

view asset history

Leverage the power of Sitehound for complete audit trails of your assets from acquisition to disposal. With real-time visibility and accurate reporting, maintaining organization, security, and standards are a breeze.

The Most Powerful Mobile App in The World

build forms & add fields

Configure tracking forms to meet business needs. Add new fields, make fields required, and add logic to ensure data is verified upon entry. Take advantage of configuring 2D parsing for your more complex scanning needs.

The Most Powerful Mobile App in The World

track your assets with ease

Sitehound makes tracking assets easy by storing and organizing accurate data for each asset, including its location and value. Additional features include:
  • Creation of custom fields.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Automated notifications.
  • Schedule tasks.
  • Integrate with other systems.

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