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Your data is always by your side and ready to perform. You know your business depends on information. That’s why Sitehound is mobile friendly and accessible from anywhere in the world.  Therefore, you can unleash your data to perform at its peak anytime, anywhere.


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Features & Benefits

Sitehound is modular, meaning that no matter how unique and specific your needs may be, there's a configuration for you.

Ease of Use

Our tracking and management is so easy to use you won’t need hands on training. However, hands on training is available. Sitehound also offers a customer support portal 24/7 and in-app interactive user guides.


You can seamlessly integrate your existing data into Sitehound through our connectors. Additionally, you can configure our system fields or create your own. Not to mention, you can also configure automated workflows and notifications – all without knowing any code.


Built-in scanning technology to help eliminate overly manual processes. As a result, scan your item and let the system tell you next steps. No more guessing.

Sitehound GIS

Collect points from devices (mobile phone, tablet, IOT, or vehicle) in the field at configurable intervals to track movement over time. 


Sitehound makes it easy to connect to anything and share data in real-time to any connected external business system from one front end to help eliminate the swivel chair effect.

Barcode Module

Sitehound lets you create customized barcodes of your own design and prints them out in minutes.


Stay up to date with downloadable reports accessible directly in the web and mobile application. Use workflows to automate distribution.


We handle the encryption files by using Amazon’s global data centers. The security level of our systems is at the complete highest degree (256-bit SSL). In our system, we have Role-Based User Security to limit user access based on their job responsibilities.

See How Sitehound Can Help

Businesses that work with Sitehound are able to:

  • Maintain compliance and gain location certainty
  • Increase inventory visibility, automation and accuracy
  • Reduce the cost of doing business by ensuring returnable goods come back
  • Better understand equipment utilization for budgeting and planning purposes

With over twenty years of research and refinement under out belt, we’ve got you covered. As a result, Sitehound was built with you in mind. With Sitehound, we will help you track not only assets, but your time, employees, and real-time data. Therefore you can unleash your data with Sitehound today.

Getting Started with Sitehound

Ready! Set! Scan!

Tracking Setup

Sitehound is modular, meaning that no matter how unique and specific your needs may be, there's a configuration for you. 

  • Seamlessly integrate your existing data through imports or connectors - Sitehound's term for integrations
  • Configure system fields or add your own
  • Add users via invite or integrate with your 3rd party business system
  • Configure workflows and notifications to keep your tasks automated and all your user up to date
  • Add Connectors to send your Sitehound data back to your business systems
  • Customize dashboards and reporting to fit your needs

Permissions for Sitehound

Use Sitehound's role based access to assign activities available to your users.  Increase efficiency and accountability while still protecting sensitive data.  User can access only what you've assigned them whether web or mobile.

  • Assign admin roles
  • Assign currency based on location
  • Assign units of measure based on location
  • Assign mobile smart forms and mobile access in general
  • Assign what widgets are available to your users for their dashboards
  • Lock down different areas of the application based on user roles/permissions

Whether on your desktop or laptop or through Sitehound+, our mobile app.  You have real-time access to your data at any time, anywhere in the world. Sitehound+ offers your team the chance to start scanning and tracking immediately via their Android or IOS device.  Sitehound+ will even work on 3rd party scanners like Zebra or Honeywell.  Always be tracking.


Sitehound +

Our Mobile App
How It Works!

Getting Connected.


Amazing Features

Scan First - Automated Actions

Eliminate overly manual processes. Scan your item and let the system tell you next steps. No more guessing.

Images & Maps on Mobile App

View item images to confirm the right asset. View maps with traffic and weather overlays.

Drafts & Offline Mode

Never lose your data when you're out of cell or wifi coverage. Stop and come back to your work and submit when you're ready with drafts.

Real-Time Geomapping

Track your moving assets in real-time. Use geofencing to confirm transactions or segregate areas as off-limits.

The Benefits of Sitehound GIS

You can't manage what you can't track. Sitehound is the best software on the market. Its ease of use and simple interface is unparalleled. With Sitehound, you can easily track assets, employees, inventory, and more.

  • Your Business – You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t let it fall apart because you couldn’t keep track of what was happening at your site.
  • Your Time – Time is money. Don’t waste time trying to figure out what’s going on with your business.
  • Your Data – You’ve got a lot of data. But you need it to be organized, easy to search, and easy to use.
sitehound gis geofencing

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