Sitehound Unleash Your Data

You’ve got a ridiculous amount of data. What are you going to do about it?

Every communication service provider CSP is sitting on a warehouse full of data, from their operations to their customer activity.  Data comes from their ALM scanning.  It comes from BSS and OSS systems.  It comes from legacy systems.  It comes from everywhere… in droves. 

Successful Telecoms are able to centralize, reconcile, and verify the volumes of data, turning bits and bytes into actionable intelligence.  To have accurate visibility, insight and control of your assets from end to end, you have to have ALM in the center of all of your connected systems. This improves the accuracy of the data by means of data reconciliation as well as data collection. This ensures the integrity of CSP asset information, reduces the need for physical audits and serves as the database of record for all assets.

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