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You have a dashboard to control your car, why don’t you have one for your assets?

Spreadsheets, print-outs, static charts and rough visualizations can only give you a limited view of your network assets. To truly have visibility, insight, and control of your assets throughout the entire supply chain, you need an enterprise platform to bring your business objectives and critical infrastructure together in one place. 

A business intelligence dashboard, like the dashboard of a car, indicates the status at a specific point in time. The Advanced Reporting Module (ARM) for CATS is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your enterprise. Our dashboard consolidates the data, metrics and performance visualizations on a single screen. It can be tailored for a specific role, department, or need to display targeted metrics. You get the essential features of a BI dashboard product with a customizable interface and the ability to pull real-time data from multiple sources.  Your asset world at your fingertips.  All of it.

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