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XO Communication Presenting at ISE Expo with Fulcrum Technologies

XO’s Director Yvonne Sabatini, recognized for establishing “Best In Class Supply Chain” at XO, will be presenting ALM Best Practices at the 2016 ISE Expo on September 21st at 8:00AM.  This presentation is titled “PERFECT ASSET LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT FOR ICTS: GETTING VISIBILITY, INSIGHT, AND CONTROL OF CRITICAL ASSETS“, and is going to be introduced by Fulcrum CEO Brent Bauer. 

According to Gartner Group and PWCC Asset Management consulting best practices, a company that effectively and efficiently implements an asset management program including automation of this process can anticipate a saving of 15-20% of the Total Cost of ownership for those assets managed.  Attendees will hear first-hand how XO Communications had a positive CAPEX and OPEX impact up and down their Supply Chain using Asset Lifecycle Management. 

This session will include Goals, Challenges, the Business Case, Pains, Best Practices, Real-World Examples, and more.   

To attend the session, you must be signed up for the 2016 ISE Expo (Formerly OSP Expo).  

Yvonne Sabatini

Yvonne Sabatini, Recognized as establishing “Best In Class” Supply Chain at XO. 

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