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The First Person to Ever Paraglide Off of Mount Rainier?  Fulcrum’s Own Cory Stevens.

In 1992, Cory Stevens trudged up to the top of Mount Rainier, bringing with him the heavy load of a Paraglider.  At 14,410 feet, they hit the top of the iconic mountain, the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest.  He set up his glider in the snowy environment, got situated on the edge, and pushed off… making history in the process as the first person to ever paraglide off of Rainier. 

Known as the “Terminator” in flying circles, Cory’s fearless flights transcended many of the world’s scenic peaks, cliffs, mountain tops, and even volcanos for over 25 years.  He has flown in Italy, Switzerland, Alaska, Mexico, and everywhere in-between. 

He recalls one stormy day where the strong, and constantly changing winds kept the entire set of paragliders huddled in safety up on the top of Tiger Mountain in Washington.  Eventually, a lone paraglider took off in the stormy conditions, and as everyone watched, managed to navigate just through the erratic gusts.  This eventually satisfied the fearful group, and 1 by 1 they began to follow suit. 

This lone flier who led the way was Fulcrum CEO Brent Bauer, who, like Cory, has been known to launch into adventures with a calculated expert ease.  The two of them together bring a great deal of pragmatic confidence to Fulcrum, which has helped navigate over 40 Asset Lifecycle Management installations at Communication Service Providers in the USA and internationally.  Similar to flying, they find the best route to accomplish what they need to do, regardless of whether or not it’s the traditional way of getting things done. 

The conditions and environment for every enterprise can be unpredictable and difficult.  The key is navigating the chaos to find solutions that both optimize and empower.  To do so takes the strength and leadership that brings every single day. 

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