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The 1 word keeping Supply Chain professionals up at night:

Supply Chain managers in 2020 are worried about a LOT of things, but one word is consistently at the top of the worry pile.   With 2020 planning and maintenance of their supply chain from end-to-end, there are a litany of challenges – pressure to reduce transportation costs, pressure to adapt to (constantly) changing operational demands and the (constantly) changing Legislation and Regulation requirements they have to stay in front of. The dreaded word that can induce years of night terrors for Supply Chain executives, however, is “Capacity”.   

Supply and demand, thresholds of tolerance, CAPEX, and OPEX are all components of optimized capacity, and in today’s complex and technology driven landscape it almost takes a wizard with a crystal ball to perfect it.  There are always going to be questions around a capacity shortage, as there will be with the inverse problem of excess dead weight.  Planners must be proactive in implementing strategies that foster an agile supply chain which adapts to market fluidity and maintains efficient operations.  

Given the multiple controls and levers that Supply Chain has for controlling every single visible aspect of their world, the real reason behind Capacity issues is… visibility.   In order to do a great job, Supply Chain professionals need transparency of all the critical asset data. According to Deloitte’s Global CPO Survey, 65% of procurement leaders said they have “limited or no visibility” beyond their tier one suppliers—a challenge that Fulcrum Technologies solves every single day.  

If you are tired of having limited or no visibility into the assets, inventory, and infrastructure that keeps your business optimized, we can help.  Please email us at [email protected] today, for a free consultation.  

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