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Sitehound Gets A Major Upgrade in April Code Release

sitehound april code release

April 30, 2020 Release

Find out more about our new powerful features.

We’re excited to announce the next version of our application, which we’re calling Sitehound 1.0.2. Our team has been hard at work, and we’ve been able to include some significant new functionality in this release, including powerful upgrades to its core functionality. For example…

  • Enhanced Integrations: This means your business systems and data can connect together to and from Sitehound to build better solutions for asset management . Several new integration methods have been added, including HTTPS, SFTP, and FTP. Sitehound also supports all major ERP providers, including Oracle. Learn more about our powerful new functionality here.
  • Sublocations: We’ve expanded asset tracking to make it easier to break down larger locations into smaller areas to make tracking easier with a hierarchal view. Users can add locations and then sublocations. Site owners can choose which users have access to what areas of their location structure, and they can even share these maps with their customers. There are also new opportunities for geofencing to improve our users’ efficiencies.
  • Scan First: When you scan a barcode or QR code, Sitehound+, our mobile app, gives you several options. These options are automatically generated by your own list of assets. When you select an option, Sitehound gives you the specific steps to carry out that action with just a tap. When setting up your asset management system, be sure to take inventory of the assets that need tracking and let Sitehound use those as basis for its scanning functionality!
  • Triggers – Automated Workflows: Triggers let you define automated workflows across your connected systems, so actions happen at predefined times. For example, trigger an asset to be automatically updated after it’s scanned into a system. Or setup a trigger that sends an alert if there is a change in any of your assets or their attributes (who knew inventory tracking could be so exciting?). Triggers make Sitehound even more powerful and give you full control over how your data moves around your business.
  • Scopes: A scope is a predefined query. Scopes can be used to auto-populate widgets like selects, drop downs or auto-completes. They are also used to create datasets for reports, dashboards, and integrations. The Sitehound app has an additional feature called Data Q. This allows you to save your searches and run them on any dataset from our platform using that saved search as a filter.
  • Web Barcode Search: Sitehound Web Barcode Search lets the user find inventory available for a selected action by entering any supported barcode, QR Code, or by hand typed search. Sitehound’s new functionality also supports asset tracking, letting admins create custom asset packages and lists for their business. Sitehound Web Barcode Search is available for free to all registered users.
  • Enhanced Notifications: Sitehound’s notifications can be sent to individual users or user groups. You can also receive notifications by SMS, email, or in-app and even have Sitehound remind you that it’s time to check-in. This feature allows for a more convenient way to keep track of assets as well as control how your team is notified about updates. We’ve also added new notification options and improved our Asset Tracking Service that allows businesses to reduce costs associated with lost or damaged assets. Check your notifications via the web or mobile application.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on our powerful new features. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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