Sitehound Unleash Your Data

Sensors are coming. Everywhere. What to do with the data?

The Communications, Utilities, Renewables, and Oil and Gas industries are leading the charge for sensor deployment to keep track of KPIs, thresholds, and asset movement that keep their rhythm of business flowing. Sensor devices are becoming more compact, affordable, and intelligent while driving cost downwards thanks to the blossoming economies of scale. With 32% YoY growth happening between 2021-2024, this technology shows no sign of slowing.

Complimenting this slew of sensor data is the IoT world, featuring corporate hardware scanners, company devices, and BYOD – all of which can be enabled to collect field data in the same vein as sensors. You might also have data flowing in from network scans, partners, ERP, OSS, BSS, WMS, BI, and more.

What to do with the data? Most enterprises have field data, and back-office systems, but with nobody playing matchmaker between the two. One solution that has solved for this is Fulcrum Technologies, with their new Sitehound product. Siteline adapts to any and all field data collection types – serving as a flexible octopus in the middle. Multiple arms (integrations) allow data to flow in and out of any tech solution or system, while intelligently purifying the data for usage by all connected system. Dashboards, geo mapping, detailed reporting, and all forms of actionable BI then become possible. Instead of data gaps and major blind spots, each department and system can get visibility, insight, and control of the data that fuels their CapEx and OpEx business optimizations. To find out more about how Fulcrum has solved this problem, visit today.

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