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Secure Mobile Phone Scanning Software

When choosing a mobile solution front end to track and manage your critical assets, infrastructure, and equipment, you need to consider a few “must-have” features.   

First, you should have a mobility solution that can be configured to let any worker in any environment scan 1D, 2D, or Micro PDF barcodes.  You also want that mobile software to work on any major scanner or smartphone scanning platform, so you have flexibility, choices, and known interfaces.  Whether your people are in the field, the warehouse, or back office, they will need a reliable, consistent method of capturing ALL transactional data to feed your fixed asset database.  From an ergonomic perspective, you want that worker to perform asset scans with the least amount of attempts required, capturing asset data as it flows organically throughout its lifecycle. 

And every role throughout the supply chain workflow is unique, with a unique set of needed functionality.  Because of this, you want a solution that has multiple-step processes which can be configured for different types of users.  

When tracking assets to the tops of snowy mountains and into rattlesnake infested cell sites in the desert, we have learned a valuable lesson; you also never know when you’re going to be connected, so your solution needs to work perfectly online, and can perfectly collect data in a ‘batch mode’ when offline.  

Lastly, in this era where intellectual property as a competitive advantage in the enterprise, having enterprise-grade security from end-to-end for your mobile solution is invaluable.   This level of security ensures your collected proprietary data remains uncompromised.  It requires having a secure log-on, user limited permissions, and encrypted password protection.  It should also allow you to connect in real-time and through a secure transport layer behind your own firewall. 

These are all best practices that we’ve implemented in major Communication Service Providers in North America and abroad.  If you want to talk with one of our consultants on how to perfect your enterprise mobile scanning, email [email protected].  We would love to help. 

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