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Network Asset Management

Network asset management lets you collect vital product data from active physical units and any known, scanned, or connected devices. This asset data includes model numbers, serial numbers, and other data. This information is collected online or offline and sent to Fulcrum CATS CenterPoint to verify, reconcile, and update all connected back-office systems (OSS, BSS, ERP, etc.).

Finance, Operations, and Supply Chain have to come together to maximize the return on every asset dollar spent, and to do that it’s critical that they have a clear understanding of the shared value equation. For many, this means scrutinizing CAPEX and OPEX from end to end, and deferring or lowering capital expenditures without increasing operational costs.

This approach typically means having visibility, insight, and control of your assets (Infrastructure, tools, equipment, gear, components, hardware, software, etc.) from end to end. This requires you to know exactly what’s deployed, active, dormant, hoarded, stolen, misappropriated, overstocked, or understocked. Relying solely on ERP systems, or purchase documentation to provide a full accounting of your network assets is similar to being half blind. Those, like OSS and BSS systems, show a partial view from a specific time, but do not show the whole picture. In short, they are a place to a place to start—not stop.

To have a competitive advantage, you need a network asset management plan. Otherwise you will continually overpay for or under support your network. Your corporate network – and bottom line – are at risk. Network asset management has a major impact on critical CAPEX and OPEX decisions, which is why you need end-to-end visibility of all network assets.

The fact that your infrastructure is growing is undisputed; it’s a fact. Each day new assets are being added. It’s the responsibility of system admins to track and manage these assets. It’s the responsibility of Finance to audit and purchase. It’s the responsibility of supply chain to plan these assets in their lifecycle. Many stakeholders across an enterprise have a very vested interest in making sure they have complete mastery over the extensive, geographically diverse, expensive assets. Fulcrum Technologies can give you that, with CATS ALM.

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