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Mobile Data Collection Workflows with Sitehound

Sitehound has a wide variety of functional and efficient ready-to-use mobile data collection workflows at your disposal. Easily tailoring them to suit the needs of you or your company is simple. For instance, reproducing a process like data collecting and distributing to other workers is both quick and cost effective. Your employees will also appreciate this new innovation; after all it ensures convenience, efficiency and boosts morale among co-workers.

Other built-in configurations include required fields, which will prompt you to fill out information when you’re working through a workflow. Conditional logic will trigger off data entered that meets certain criteria, opening new features such as extra fields or hiding fields.

Read about one design element to keep in mind, the loop field.

In data collection for mobile platforms, there is often a concept of a loop field. Loop fields are the points to which forms or workflows go back after submitting a transaction to eliminate having to re-fill in duplicate information and allowing for time savings when doing data collection. For example, a loop rule for stocking assets is to collect all common information about the asset before collecting any unique data about it. Sitehound utilizes loop fields to streamline data collection.

Save time and money.

With Sitehound efficiently collecting data, you save time and money. It is easy to clone and customize Sitehound’s mobile data collection workflows to fit your worker’s needs. Share or clone your workflows to make it easier for others to start doing the tasks they already know how to do. Workers can even customize further so they are perfectly suited for that worker’s individual need. All Sitehound forms are intelligent, not just for data entry, but also in ensuring efficient data collection, and validated data.

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