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Get Visibility, Gain Insight, and Take Control of your Assets with ALM for Communication Service Providers:

To survive and thrive in a changing environment, successful companies recognize the need to track their most valuable assets as well as deploy next generation technologies in an efficient and timely manner. As a result, these successful companies operate at peak performance while reaping maximum benefit from their capital investments. 

CFO/Accounting and Finance Managers, Supply-Chain Executives, and Network Operations/Engineering Executives and Managers can all benefit from powerful, intelligent, flexible Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), often referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). 


With over 60,000 active users, Fulcrum’s CATS ALM tools play a critical role in managing high-value assets that are usually found in warehouses or field locations. Currently, CATS manages over 135 million unique asset records annually at over 1.75 million locations.  Fulcrum customers depend on CATS to track infrastructure that is in the field and share that information with various back-office systems that rely on accurate data to help the organization run smoothly. 


The fact is, equipment and other assets move around a lot during their lifecycle – whether it is due to regular maintenance, the upheaval of merger/acquisition activity or the ‘technology cascade’ that occurs when new equipment is deployed and old equipment is reassigned to new locations or retired. 

To put the velocity of high-value assets in perspective, an Asset Lifecycle Management system records the movements of each asset as that asset moves through its lifecycle (from purchase all the way through retirement). Obviously it is no longer practical to manage assets manually via spreadsheets, much less by pencil and paper. 

Yet despite how daunting the task, managers have an urgent need to ‘see’ a real-time representation of their total assets in motion across networks, warehouses and departments. 


Companies that implement an ALM system immediately begin to see a much clearer picture of their asset portfolio than they would otherwise get from an ordinary, stand-alone Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 

A key differentiator of an ALM system (such as Fulcrum’s CATS ALM Suite) is that it gives field personnel all the tools and training necessary to maintain real-time inventory data collection as part of their day-to-day workflow – such as smartphone asset tracking and unique barcode labels and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. 

Additionally, an ALM system can automatically query any IP-enabled equipment connected to the network (via machine-to- machine communication) to monitor items such as location, condition and warranty status in real-time. 

This real-time asset information collected and disseminated by an EAM system gives your organization a major competitive advantage. You will have the perspective that comes from the real-time knowledge of any measurable characteristic of your assets including current location, age, condition, performance trends and warranty status. 


Information is power. With the right information you can make smarter decisions, faster. 

The asset information collected and managed by an ALM system can dramatically transform the effectiveness of your organization. Armed with real-time asset information, your teams in Accounting and Finance, Operation and Engineering, Planning/Supply Chain and IT can work more accurately and efficiently. 

Successful organizations use CATS to take control by assessing and optimizing the lifecycle and total cost of ownership (TCO) of their asset utilization – first by assess-ing their current configurations accurately, then optimizing their asset utilization based on trending insights and finally by planning and assessing ‘what if’ scenarios for future investments. 

If you want a free consultation on how to maximize your CAPEX efficiencies and ROI, contact Fulcrum today.  1.206.336.5656 - [email protected].  

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