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Field Data Collection Services: The Ultimate “CrowdSourcing”

Crowdsourcing has been in the spotlight recently, as IoT technology increasingly opens up new methods for harnessing the power of the masses. TV shows like CBS’s “Wisdom of the Crowd” show how to systemically harness armies of mobile phones and tablets around the world to dramatically increase the number of “eyes” that feed a centralized database.

Companies are also leveraging their “armies” of field workers to get this same level of Crowdsourcing benefit. This is done by customized apps that any member of your connected workforce can use with a corporate device or “Bring Your Own Device”. These devices have a scanning, location, and photo/video ability that can give companies visibility like never before, which has a positive impact on their centralized databases of record and business intelligence.

Fulcrum Technologies has been equipping Fortune 500 companies around the globe with mobile solutions that allow accurate, real-time data to be captured by any employee anywhere on earth.

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