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Field Data Collection – 3 Service Areas

Supply Chain, IT, Network Ops, and Finance all recognize the need for field data services to provide visibility, insight, and control of their ever-evolving infrastructure, products, and assets.  To solve this, some rely on an annual physical audit, others rely on limited purchase information stored in their enterprise applications.  And many of them get updated information from scanning hardware and mobile applications.  The truth is, to have a full view of your assets, you need to leverage the various types of services to complete the full picture. 


On the front line of enterprise-wide field data services are connected, flexible scanning hardware and mobile devices with customized mobility solutions.  These mobility solutions take advantage of the wealth of BYOD and corporate hand-held hardware to accurately scan and/or report on all strategic assets, inventory, hardware, and infrastructure. Having your distributed workforce be your real-time eyes in the field, warehouse, or office is critical for CAPEX and OPEX optimization.    


Performing physical audits and cycle counts maintains a continuous accurate view into your current inventory and when combined with reconciliation which identifies discrepancies across a series of audits allows you to determine how to manage those discrepancies Process of identifying discrepancies across a series of audits, and determining how to manage those discrepancies to bring your inventory counts into alignment with actual verification. Audits and reconciliation can be used for operational, regulatory, or compliance reasons, where an organization can validate discoverable field, warehouse, and distributed assets.  This helps with correcting inaccuracies in inventory records and contributes towards an updated Fixed asset register (FAR). 


Pulling (and ideally pushing) asset data with the critical systems that businesses rely on for purchase and warrantee information is critical for having yet another view into asset status.  Whether these systems are CAPEX, OPEX, Supply Chain or Financial focused, they can provide limited amounts of real-time, actionable data and insights for assets that were documented with them.  Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and any other API enabled corporate system can be integrated, utilized, and…. significantly improved. 

Empower all your enterprise groups with perfect vision of their infrastructure, products, and assets using a comprehensive Field Data Collection solution.  This combination of scanning, physical audits, and enterprise application integrations is what completes the full end-to-end picture, with actionable data.   

To learn more about how Fulcrum can combine your enterprise solutions into one cohesive field data services strategy, email [email protected].  

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