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CATS Mobility 2.0

CATS Mobility 2.0 allows organizations to build mobile apps for back-office systems faster than any other commercially available solution.  This rapid development ability is possible thanks to CATS Mobility 2.0 leveraging two decades of mobile device app development and integration experience with systems like Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft, and more.  The suite also takes care of the complex work behind the scenes, so that developers, IT, and business owners can use the simple text editing or WYSIWYG UI Creator with minimal effort. 

Trusted by some of the world’s top enterprises, CATS Mobility 2.0 gives businesses a single application development platform that allows them to build, deploy, manage, and update all their enterprise mobile solutions with an affordable fixed price suite in minutes, rather than weeks.  With an easy-to-use interface and native APIs, mobile solutions for back-office systems can be built quickly by any developer with SQL and PLSQL knowledge – with a speed and simplicity that is unprecedented in the Enterprise Application Development arena. 

Furthermore, the apps created by CATS Mobility 2.0 are easily configured and customized for specific job functions and roles, and can connect the mobile workforce with any enterprise function, such as HR, Expense Management, Monitoring, Field Solutions, Database Interaction, Asset Tracking, ERP, Business Analytics, Workforce Management, and much more. 

“Every IT department has had multiple business owner requests for mobile functionality to let workers interact with critical and expensive back-office systems.  These same IT departments have all felt the pain of trying to build or outsource mobile application development resulting in cheap one-size fits all applications that don’t satisfy the business, or have wasted incredible amounts of money and time working with external agencies to get an app that is expensive to update.  CATS Mobility 2.0 is a game changer for businesses to quickly connect their mobile workforce with any function or system they desire.” states Brent Bauer, CEO and Founder of Fulcrum Technologies. 

Business and IT executives wanting more information about CATS Mobility 2.0 should email [email protected] or visit to learn more. 

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