Mobile Data Collection Workflows with Sitehound

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Sitehound has a wide variety of functional and efficient ready-to-use mobile data collection workflows at your disposal. Easily tailoring them to suit the needs of you or your company is simple. For instance, reproducing a process like data collecting and distributing to other workers is both quick and cost effective. Your employees will also appreciate […]

GIS Asset Tracking: How to Increase Productivity

How much do you really know about your business’s assets? The more they get used, the more likely they are to break down, and the more difficult it can be to keep tabs on whether they’re working properly. Asset tracking services provide asset management solutions that not only streamline day-to-day activities but also help prevent long-term problems from forming in the first place. Keep reading to find out how asset tracking can help your business become more productive and well-managed.

A Day in The Life of Frank, The Field Technician.

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Frank, the field tech, gets a notification from Sitehound for needed parts and equipment that were just scanned at the warehouse receiving dock and were minutes away from being stocked and ready for use. Simultaneously the FAR, WMS, and ERP systems become aware of the new assets and automatically kick off a work-fulfillment workflow while […]

Sitehound+ and The Perfect Barcode Scan

The ability to implement perfect barcode scanning in the field, warehouse, retail, transportation, and offices optimizes your workplace in a way that OpEx managers dream of. From a people perspective, areas like repetitive stress, fatigue, and worker satisfaction all improve from optimized scanning. From a corporate perspective, areas like asset visibility and data integrity are […]

Smart Warehouse Overview

Automated warehouse AGV robots with delivering.

A smart warehouse is one that is optimized to support OpEx, CapEx, and all the normal advantages of the digital transformation that is taking place. This is comprised of hardware, software, and automating various components of your warehousing operational flow. Everyone is familiar with the concept of smart homes, where the house is connected, and […]

Audits and Reconciliation

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Your infrastructure is growing – each day new assets are being added. Performing physical audits and cycle counts maintains a continuous accurate view into your current inventory and when combined with reconciliation which identifies discrepancies across a series of audits. Audits and reconciliation can be used for operational, regulatory, or compliance reasons, where an organization can validate discoverable field, warehouse, and distributed assets.

Business Systems are hungry for data. Feed them. Feed them all.

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Every company is sitting on a warehouse full of disparate and disconnected data, from their operations to their customer activity. Data comes from their Field Data Collection scanning. It comes from their Warehouses and 3PL systems. It comes from BSS and OSS systems. It comes from legacy systems. It comes from everywhere… in massive, massive quantities. Asset […]