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Asset Lifecycle Management for Telecom

To have accurate visibility, insight and control of your assets from end to end, Telecom organizations have to have Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) in the center of all back-end, mobile, and e-Polling systems. This greatly improves the accuracy of the data by means of data reconciliation as well as data collection. A great ALM solution can reconcile and verify any and all asset data regardless of the source, to provide every connected system with the most accurate and consistent data possible, at either a high or low level. This ensures the integrity of CSP asset information, reduces or removes the need for physical audits and serves as the database of record for all assets. 

Because critical asset and infrastructure costs are so enormous ($350 billion globally), network & engineering executives, finance managers and supply chain executives are all starting to demand better ALM to solve a plethora of their Supply Chain pains: 

·    It reduces the requirement to purchase duplicate equipment. 

·    It allows for efficient reuse of extra assets, inventory and spare equipment (spares). 

·    It gives visibility and insight into invoiced equipment to provide an understanding of what has truly been received and if it matches the purchase orders (POs). 

·    It gives visibility and insight into the status of equipment going through the return and repair process. 

·    It reduces theft, fraud and employee stockpiling / hoarding. 

Asset Lifecycle Management Benefits for Telecom: 

·    It gives Telecom companies an accurate picture of what is actually in use & where the inventory and assets reside – to allow for accurate tax payments. 

·    It supports internal controls to allow for compliance, which reduces organizational and regulatory risks immensely. 

·    It removes excessive repair and replacement expense through granular-level accurate warranty tracking. 

·    It also allows field techs to find spares quickly, with insight into network information, revision numbers and more. 

The ability to use ALM to reduce and optimize capex becomes a telecom’s biggest strategic advantage in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.   This is because ALM is the complete end-to-end management of network equipment through each of the many lifecycle stages from acquire to retire. 

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