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IT Assets

Sitehound's IT Asset Tracking and Management is worth your time. With versatile software that means you can change your settings according to your data.  Sitehound will work with your team on the go, no matter where they are or what device they're using.

Track Unlimited Assets

Create a portfolio of assets with Sitehound. Record and track all your workstations, software, hardware, and licenses in one place. And with automatic updates, it's easy to stay on top of everything. Plus, you can configure custom statuses for each asset, set depreciation details, automate periodic scans - and more!

Asset Inventory Management

Have you been searching high and low for a comprehensive asset management solution? You've found it - Sitehound! With our easy-to-use software, recording, scanning, and monitoring your IT and non-IT assets will be as simple as could be. And with our automatic inventory updates, you'll always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. Now you can find the right solutions to streamline your procurement process or troubleshoot retirements with ease - all thanks to Sitehound!

Software License Management

Sitehound, because it's the Ultimate tool for ensuring software compliance and avoiding costly license violations. Keep up-to-date on software expiration dates, get rid of unused licenses, and monitor your software usage with ease. With Sitehound, you can focus on what's important to you; knowing that your software licensing is always in check.

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If you want to be in the know about all your tech, from computers to tablets, then Sitehound has got you covered.


Workflow Automation

Sitehound is a system that will keep track of the various assets in your company from computers to desks, and everything in between. You can set up simple automation functions like just sending notifications when a new device is plugged in or when an asset goes missing.

Reporting & Analytics

Seek out bottlenecks, make calculated decisions, observe the cloud-based ITIL asset tracking system performance, and improve customer service with pre-defined and custom reporting features.

Contract Management

Sitehound automatically tracks your company's IT assets, saving you time and money. Reduce your risk of contract infringement with Sitehound's powerful automated notification system. With Sitehound, you will never miss a deadline again.

Pre-Made Triggers

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