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Total visibility into your equipment - managing equipment has never been easier

With Sitehound Construction Equipment Management software, track your construction fleet inventory to see which vehicles, heavy-duty assets, and tools are used most often. If you have tools or assets not used often, sell them so you can invest money elsewhere.

What is Construction Equipment Management Software?

Construction Equipment Management software helps construction companies keep track of all their equipment in one central location. This can include information on where the equipment is located, when it was last used, how often it is used, and what work needs to be done on it. This can help construction companies save time and money by keeping track of their equipment and making sure it is being used efficiently.

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How can your business benefit from an equipment management solution?

An equipment management solution provides all sorts of benefits, from simplifying fleet management to helping you meet your obligations with job schedules and project timelines.

Vibratory Compactor during road and highway construction.

Why us?

Sitehound GIS tracking provides you with up-to-date information about your construction equipment and fleet

Simplify your equipment management workflow with an end-to-end equipment management solution. Track and analyze your assets in one central location, manage services between different sites, and always stay on top of the status of what’s happening.

Sitehound Tracking & Management

You can find and store all of your equipment here. Store details by project, group, location, category, and more. Search for what you need and report on the information quickly and easily.

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Improving the utilization of assets and projects.

A key part of effective equipment management is seeing how your machines are used. The best construction equipment management systems can pull telematics data from your vehicles and allow you to see what certain items are being used for.

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Product Life Expectancy and Return on Investment

With an equipment management system, your construction projects will be more efficient. You won’t need to worry about how to use a certain piece of equipment again. This will add up, positively impacting your company’s productivity and saving you time in the long run.

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Resource Allocation Management

Sitehound helps field teams plan and make work schedules with the best equipment, and we help shop teams make the right decisions during construction or repairs.

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Get Integrated

Construction equipment management software can help your business by:

  • keeping track of your equipment, ensuring it is  used efficiently and effectively.
  • scheduling maintenance and repairs, so your equipment is always in top condition.
  • keeping track of your inventory, so you can order new supplies as needed.

In addition, Sitehound lets you add record level attachments – add your drone site videos, CAD drawings, contracts, and more.

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All Your Data in One Solution

Store your license and registration renewal, as well as equipment warranty information. Save detailed records of your equipment loan or lease data. You can even save important documents and notes on the app.

Complete action history

Seamless logging of all equipment work to provide visibility into what your customers are requesting and the prevention and safety strategies put in place.

Equipment Full Lifecycle Management

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Manage Equipment from Acquisition to Disposal

Tackle asset planning and optimization

If a company wants to succeed, they should invest in prescriptive analytics. Prescriptive analysis uses computers that learn from the data of other assets and predict the best way for an asset to be used.


Create a virtual barrier that will trigger a response on mobile devices and vehicles whenever they enter or leave a particular area.